The Wacky World of Coke

The commercial was like countless others before it. Person after person sharing a Coke under the guise of making someone happy. In fact, in many ways it was less subtle as the song playing in the background spelled it out time and time again.

Make Someone Happy

There is nothing wrong with this message. The stranger bringing joy to another person has, in many ways, become a cliché in holiday commercials, but I do think it is a good thing to make people happy. I’m not a complete and total monster, after all.

I do, though, question what the Coca Cola company pictures when they imagine making someone happy.

We open on Sophia, a young child, bringing a piece of artwork to an adult, presumably a relative. Sure, the art isn’t great, but she’s only eight. We shouldn’t be expecting Claude Monet. The next scene shows a man handing an umbrella to a woman on a snowy night. Aside from the fact that I have not once ever seen a person use an umbrella in snow, I am okay with this as well. There is also nothing wrong with the doctor bringing the nurses food after a long shift. All of these things are sufficient when it comes to providing happiness.

Then it gets weird.

A bunch of youths spend their time crafting the snow on stranger’s cars into faces in hopes that the cleaning lady inside of an upper floor of an office building will look down and, at the sight of those faces, smile in joy, a joy they will not be witness to as they are several stories below this woman. This seems like a strange choice to make someone happy. While the cleaning woman may or may not get a chuckle out of this, the drivers of those cars are probably curious as to why a group of youths are skulking about their parking lot and using their cars for their strange pranks.

Kids these days.

Then an old man surprises his wife. He has installed a new light in the living room. As it turns out, this light is actually a disco ball. Based on experiences in my life, I feel that this sort of discofication would not be looked upon favorably. Through the filter of a commercial, though, the woman is so thrilled the two of them dance and laugh and dance some more. Nowhere in their laughing dancefest does the wife stop to ask what happened to the real light, can the damage done by putting this light in be repaired, or what possessed the man to replace a perfectly good light with a spinning globe.

I doubt that this would really make her happy.

Then two people are sitting on a bench at a bus stop. Or maybe a train station. A transportation depot of some type. As the two sit there, their backs to each other, the man jumps over the bench to sit next to the female. Already, this is something that would not spread happiness. Most women do not like strange men to approach them in a startling and sudden manner.

As if that were not bad enough, the man then proceeds to look at her intensely as he pulls his hat off, places it over his hand, then through the art of magic, pulls a bottle of Coke out for her. Instead of being concerned that a stranger who seems to think he is a magician is trying to give her a drink, the woman laughs and accepts the bottle. Apparently in the magical world Coke has created, women are eager to ignore creepy first impressions and see nothing wrong with taking drinks from strangers at bus stops. Or train stations. Or transportation depots of some kind.

We close on a family dinner as everyone happily eats their Christmas dinner, acting as if none of the abnormalities of their day have happened. Then Santa laughs like a maniacal fiend at the sight of the joy. In the world of Coke, this is all very normal.

I guess I see why there are Pepsi people in the world.

5 thoughts on “The Wacky World of Coke

  1. Your post made me remember a coke ad that actually made me happy to watch. I think it was very cleverly done and while the link to coke is just at the end, with a guy sharing a coke; the ad had a powerful message about how there is good going on every day that we rarely get to see.

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  2. Commercials are hilarious…specially when they try not to be funny.
    I have to day I enjoy watching coca cola commercials, even though they’re many times irrational and impossible and plain silly, they are positive and that’s something that definitely makes me smile.


  3. Ah yes, the strange world of commercials. My favorites are from Big-Pharm. Absolutely no relation between what’s on-screen and the script. This takes real talent!


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