The Boy Who Was The Best At Everything

Once upon a time, there was a boy. Now this was not just any boy. Unlike all of the other boys in the world, this boy was the best at everything.

At school, this boy was the smartest. When the teacher asked a question, the boy would always raise his hand. He always knew the answer. Even when the teacher said the boy was wrong, he knew he was right. The teacher was just jealous of how smart he was and did not want to admit that the boy was much smarter than any teacher could ever be.

When the class went to recess, the boy was faster than all of the others. They would line up and race across the playground, their legs pumping as hard as they possibly could. While the boy never won, he knew that this was not because he was slow. This was because the other kids would cheat. See, they were all jealous of his ability to run, so they pretended they were faster than the boy was.

When the kids would show how strong they were, the boy knew he was way stronger than they could ever be. While they were climbing the jungle gym and pulling themselves across the monkey bars, the boy would stand there, smiling to himself. He would show the other kids how strong he was, but that seemed unnecessary. They all knew that he was the strongest kid in school, so why would he need to prove it?

Soon, the boy found himself alone at recess. The other kids would go about playing their games, but the boy never was invited. “They are all just jealous of me,” said the boy. “They want to be just like me, but no one can ever be as good as I am.” He knew that there were no kids good enough to be his friend in the class, so he would just as soon not be invited to play with them anyway.

One day, three tigers escaped from the nearby zoo. As the children went to recess, they saw the three tigers wander onto the playground. One by one, the kids began to run back to the school, seeking the safety of the brick and mortar. The boy watched the kids run, then looked back at the tigers.

“What is wrong with these kids?” said the boy. “They are all such crybabies. There is no reason to run from those big cats. I am far smarter, faster, and stronger than those cats can ever be.” While the kids all went back to class, the boy walked up to the tigers.

“Hello, tigers,” said the boy. “How are you? I know the other kids are afraid of you, but I am not afraid of you at all. See, I am the strongest, smartest, and fastest boy there is. There is no reason to be afraid of you. Now, would you three like to come play with me?”

The three tigers looked at each, then back at the boy. They walked up to him. The boy was very excited. Finally he would have friends that were just as strong and fast as he is. The biggest tiger stood in front of the boy and he reached out his hand to pet the tiger.

Then the tigers mauled and ate him.

The moral of the story: humility goes a long ways. This is particularly true when around angry jungle cats.

10 thoughts on “The Boy Who Was The Best At Everything

  1. Good story. When I read the part “Then the tigers mauled and ate him.” I couldn’t help but laugh. Don’t get me wrong. I am not violent or anything. It’s just that in my head, the story was running differently. More of a comic way. Do you have more stories to share?

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  2. I did not read this story first, and chose instead to read it out-loud to someone as both our first times hearing it. Ah, what a great chuckle we had at the end. Especially because I’m really good at a moral storytelling voice of lecturing when I want to, so then I kind of awkwardly changed my voice as I read for the first time the “Mauled and ate him” like “oh…damn”. HAH. Thanks, keep them coming, life is hard! 😉


  3. You know, reminds me of so many people I’ve come across over the years, but especially one guy I used to work with. The all had the one thing in common with your smart, fast, strong little boy:
    they never felt the need to prove anything to anybody else because they knew the absolute futility of trying to prove the exact same thing to themselves.
    Did you ever know a guy named …?
    Never mind.
    Just take my word for it: even if you never met him, you most certainly knew him.
    A thoroughly enjoyable and insightful story.


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