My New Legitimate Blog Address

After years of blogging work, I have finally become legit. I have finally used my own hard-earned money to get a real web address as the home base for the blog you are currently reading.

The new home of The Life and Times of Nathan Badley is at………!

What, you were expecting something more clever?

Now, some people would say that getting a real address is selling out. Shelling out money to a big corporation for a little website name is just what the man wants me to do. To them, I say I have not sold out. I would totally be willing to sell out, but this has not happened yet. If it did, I would be flying to my own private island in the middle of the Pacific and none of you would ever hear from me again.

So bookmark it, make it your new homepage, tell every single one of your friends about this great blog that is at a legitimate real web address.

If you would like to discuss this further, you can now email me at I cannot promise I will respond, but I will promise that I will at least skim your email.

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