A Seatbelt Related Dream

It was late at night when I pulled up to the stoplight. The road was dimly lit, the only light coming from a car to my right. It bounced through my windshield, showing that I had neglected to buckle my seatbelt. I don’t know why it was unbuckled. Maybe I had decided to live dangerously. Nothing is quite as exciting as the adrenaline rush of an unrestrained car ride.

That’s when something clicked in my brain. That car to my right was not just any car. That was a police officer. He sat there, eyeing my missing seatbelt before reaching down for his radio.

I knew I was in trouble.

I knew I had no choice. Patiently, I prepared for the ride of my life. I couldn’t go to the big house for an unbuckled seat belt. I’ve heard that people like me don’t do well in prison, particularly if they know the crime you committed involved safety restraints.

The light turned green and I hit the gas. My ’92 Explorer bumped and thudded as it reached full speed. In my rearview, I saw the flashing blue and reds. He was gaining on me, the siren getting closer and closer. Quickly, I jerked the wheel to the right, headed down a side street only seconds before the squad car slid around the corner, taking out a mailbox.

We weaved our way through the neighborhood. Two lefts, one right. I was driving like I never would have imagined. With each turn of the wheel, I pulled a little bit further ahead. Just when I thought I might get away, though, I made a final right turn and found myself in the middle of a cul-de-sac.

I slammed on my brakes. Flinging open the door, I was out of the door like a flash. I jumped a fence and headed through the backyard, leaving the police behind me.

For what seemed like hours, I ran. Out of breath, I collapsed into a ditch and began to catch my breath. Overhead, a helicopter circled by, shining a light down. I heard footsteps approaching and then…

I woke up.

I am no dream analyst, but I think the meaning of this one is very obvious: don’t eat before you go to bed. It does not provide the most restful sleep.


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