2013, Here I Come

I have a tendency to not get out of my shell. There is a very good reason: I like my shell. It is warm and comfy and all around very pleasant. Sometimes this is a bad thing, though.

With this in mind, I have created a list of 52 things for the year 2013 to try to pull me out of my shell. I will do my best to attempt these things and keep from sitting on my butt constantly until the day I die:


1. Create a short-film

2. Run a race

3. Cook a Michelin Star quality meal

4. Grow my own food

5. Learn to sew

6. Be a vegan and/or vegetarian

7. Publish a book

8. Build a model car

9. Roadtrip to somewhere new

10. Read a really boring, but for some reason culturally significant, book

11. Do something dangerous

12. Eat something weird (that is actually food)

13. Climb a mountain

14. Rough it

15. Build something with my own hands

16. Get a pedicure

17. Paint a picture

18. Try stand-up comedy

19. Write and record a song

20. Meet someone famous

21. Experience a new culture

22. Kill and dress an animal

23. Dumpster dive

24. Go to the Superman Celebration (Just up the road in Metropolis, IL, June 6-9)

25. Track and capture Bigfoot

26. Watch the Academy Award Best Picture Winners

27. Go sailing

28. Get on TV

29. Go to a concert festival

30. Go unplugged for a week

31. Campaign for a political office

32. Perform a random act of kindness for a stranger

33. Befriend a senior citizen

34. Volunteer for something

35. Freaky Friday with someone

36. Get a passport

37. Travel by train

38. Change my own oil

39. Attend a gun show

40. Shoot a gun

41. Go to a demolition derby

42. Make the perfect peanut butter and jelly

43. Compete in a tournament

44. Get a physical

45. Go to a horsetrack

46. Raise sea monkeys

47. Go to a zoo

48. Touch an exotic animal

49. Go to an opera

50. Plan the ultimate romantic evening for my wife

51. Ride a horse

52. Go to New Year’s Eve celebration


24 thoughts on “2013, Here I Come

  1. Okay #14- rough it- that is so generic and realtive to the person…that should be easy to accomplish. Your idea of “roughin’ it” may be going without tv for a day?

    #25- I would talk to Steve(?) the Six Million Dollar Man, or Jamie- the Bionic Woman. I think she was chasing BF down some crazy spinnning tunnel? She might have some tips for you. or you can always try John Lithgow, I believe he hit him w/his car once and then had him live w/them and they named him Harry. (not very creative, if you ask me.)- then they released him back to the wild.

    #41- believe it or not (can’t believe I’m telling you this) not only have I been to one, my uncle was a participant. Yes. so proud.

    P.S. ADD NUMBER 53 TO YOUR LIST- VISIT AND COMMENT ON SANDI’S BLOG MORE??? Just sayin. That’s gettin’ out of your own blog world.


  2. Sounds like an… interesting… list. Have these all been burning ambitions for you for long? I’d love to meet bigfoot and capture a celebrity! Maybe kill and dress a sea monkey whilst getting a pedicture. I’m sure you will be able to kill two birds with the one stone in many instances with your list! You could even campain for a political office whilst attending a gun show. Don’t those two go hand-in-hand? If you are after a culturally signficant but deathly boring book, try something by Umberto Eco. My ex boyfriend read one of his books and declared it deathly boring, and then promptly started to read another one by him – just to give the guy a chance! Sheesh! Anyway, if you manage to accomplish even only half of your list, you will have an interesting year! :))


  3. Seems to me that number 39 could possibly fulfill numbers 11, 21 and possibly 20 and 28, depending on where you attend the gun show. Good luck with all those ambitions. 🙂


  4. Sea Monekys!! I had totally forgotten that they excisted. Did I have a good tim with those or what.They are by far the best “shitty present” you can give to someone. Haha I’m gonna go buy some now for my sister.


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