Pope Joins Twitter. Is Instagramming All of His Food Next?

Pope Pius IX

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was bound to happen. With 500 million people on Twitter, eventually the trend would reach the holiest person on the entire planet. Also the owner of the biggest hat.

At last, the Pope has joined Twitter.

Going by the handle @pontifex, the Pope*will be tweeting “what he wants to tweet.” For those of you out there wondering what the Pope could want to tweet, we have a bit of an idea here:


Do you ever have one of those days where your giant hat just won’t balance on your head? #firstworldproblems
Just watched “Dark Knight Rises.” The Batmobile gave me some great ideas for my car…
I really wish I could perform communion using YooHoo! That stuff is totally boss! #yoohooeveryday
@joan_osborne, just spoke to God and He said if He was one of us, He definitely would not be a slob. FYI.
Spent morning debating theology w/ Cardinal Bertone. It turns out it’s pretty easy to win when you have papal infallibility. #popetrumpsall
I know it’s wrong, but I can’t get @ladygaga ‘s “Judas” out of my head.
Some days I just want to wear pants. Anyone who has had to wear a robe knows what I mean.
You would think with this being Vatican City and all, I would be able to find an Olive Garden. Pope needs his unlimited soup and salad!
After much research, drinking Holy Water is NOT the same as drinking Gatorade.  I guess blessing doesn’t create electrolytes…



*Really, the Pope’s media advisor will be tweeting. I wonder how you get to be the Pope’s media advisor… I bet that interview process was pressure filled.


4 thoughts on “Pope Joins Twitter. Is Instagramming All of His Food Next?

  1. What the Pope really needs to get his media advisers working on is the re-write of the bible. Like, maybe putting it a bit where it actually mentions that we need to have a pope?


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