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Everyone has a nosy neighbor.

It’s essentially become a part of moving to any new home. You check out the schools, the carpeting, where the nosy neighbor lives, the cabinet space…

If you don’t believe me, watch any sitcom from the sixties or seventies. If there was a neighbor, that neighbor was always butting in at the worst time. They also seem to have a tendency to be there for any awkward situation that could be confused for something slightly sexual. (This was the entire plot of Three’s Company. You would think eventually Mr. Roper would have come across them saying something very innocent, like “Check out my new socks. They’re argyle!” but NO, Mr. Roper always heard them talking about something that sounds risqué. He must have been a very confused man.)

These neighbors aren’t just limited to fictitious television programs, though. My parents recently put their…

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