The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

People get excited a lot these days.

I remember a time in my life when people were rarely excited. As a kid, I don’t remember the level of excitement ever quite reaching a fever pitch. Back in elementary school, every sentence we wrote for English would end in a period. It didn’t matter what was happening. The story would read like this:


As John took a step, his foot slipped out from under him. Suddenly, he found himself teetering on the edge of the cliff.

“No,” Tim screamed furiously.

Of course, we can all see that Tim is not furiously screaming anything. In all actuality, he is just simply stating he would prefer that John did not plummet to his death. With that level of reaction, we can assume Tim was not that good of a friend.

After turning in this wonderful piece of storytelling (I won’t spoil it…

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