My Long Forgotten Spam


As people comment on my posts, I do my best to respond. It is the least that I can do. Well, actually the least would be to completely ignore you, but the SECOND least I can do is trying to respond.

Sometimes, though, a few fall through the cracks. They end up in my spam folder and just get completely missed. It seems unfair, though, that these never get responded to. That’s why I thought I would take a few minutes and respond to a few comments from my spam folder.

Hello there, simply was aware of your weblog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I’m going to be careful for brussels. I will be grateful when you continue this in future. Numerous people will probably be benefited out of your writing. Cheers!: Charles Myrick on “Man Arrives At Own Funeral Alive, Likely Ruins Very Nice Service


Thank you for the kind words. My goal has always been to benefit people through my writing, so hearing someone say these things is a dream come true.

I, however, do not know what this post had to do with brussels. Are we talking brussels sprouts or the city Brussels? Either way, this is very confusing to me.

I guess it really doesn’t matter, though, if you are going to say such nice things. You are a delight and I hope that Google leads you back to my page many times.

Thank you for the good writeup. It actually was once a enjoyment account it. Glance advanced to far delivered agreeable from you! By the way, how can we communicate?: Superheet on “Man Arrives At Own Funeral Alive, Likely Ruins Very Nice Service”


Um… thanks, I think. I’ll be honest with you. I am not too sure what that meant. I guess you enjoyed my writing? We’ll pretend that’s what you said.

The easiest way to communicate with me would be by sending me messages, though they seem to always end up in my spam for some reason. A little known fact, though, is that I am great with smoke signals. Just go outside and build a giant bonfire, then send a few strategic plumes up into the air. I guarantee you I will know exactly what you’re saying.

Hello. And Bye: XRumerTest on “Febreze Teaches Us About the Scent of the Sun



Gov. Jerry Brown’s new driver’s licenses for ILLEGAL Aliens better have the words “ILLEGAL ALIEN” stamped across the front of the license to distinguish it from the licenses that are used as identification by US Citizens and/or LEGAL residents.: Silver Account on “Nathan’s Inferno

Silver Account:

I’m not sure I agree with you on that point, but it hardly seems relevant. I am not an illegal alien nor am I Governor Jerry Brown. Thanks for reading, I guess, but let’s try to stick to the issues at hand.

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Z-Code System Review Exposes Automated Sports Betting System:

Go away.

Now I remember why I never open my spam folder.


71 thoughts on “My Long Forgotten Spam

  1. I once got a spam comment about my site being like an encyclopedia. I wonder why so many of them like to point out how informative your blog is. Also, Superheet sounds a little like he came from a forgotten Shakespearean play. Maybe these spam comments have some more to offer than we realize.Than again, they probably just want to expose automated sports betting systems.


  2. Like so many thing, it;s a sign of these modern times. I long for a simpler age. Lord knows, voting for Romney didn’t bring us back to one so I guess we;ll have to rely on spam folders to keep life uncomplicated for a little longer.


  3. Nathan, you dog, Freshly Pressed again? How many times now? Maybe WP should start paying you. Seriously, I feel the same way on the spam, but I’m always getting the sex date one.


  4. Lol I just took a look at my spam folder yesterday (or today, depending on your time zone). I got that exact same brussels one. There was one other that cracked me up even more that I’m planning on posting next week for fun… Sometimes spam is a good day-brightener 😉


  5. That cracked me up because it’s so true. I get all sorts of weird comments in my SPAM folder but usually it’s either a sex date comment or something about my SEO report. I think if whoever is sending them is smart enough to write a spam code the least they can do is figure out proper English, right?


  6. I love my spam. I save it up for a good laugh. I was thinking of doing this too but you’ve done it first and better. I think I need to read your living funeral blog, it sounds like a party.
    I am regularly offered a bigger penis when I don’t even want a small one.


    • You would be surprised how often I am offered a bigger penis. You would also be surprised how often I am offered birth control pills. I think the spammers need to get together because they definitely have some wires crossed somewhere.


  7. Love this! Everyone is human, right? While I’m quickly learning that replying to everything all at the same time it is published, I’m almost positive that it’s impossible for any human being without an IV bag of coffee attached to their arm. Keep up to good work with replying!


  8. Hello blogger. Congratulations on Freshly Pressing. Many hopes to see your name/work in future times. You blog always bring smile to life. Cheers!


  9. I always enjoy a few minutes of trying to decipher my spam messages. I love the oddly constructed sentences and the ego boosting messages with links stuck at the end. For example, “Very insightful! People of the world could use this!” This of course is stuck at the end of my post about keeping surf wax from ruining your car’s interior. The link at the end is for Indian dating. A real ego killer when you realize you have been had!

    Well, I am sure your newly Freshly Pressed piece will bring with it more spam, so enjoy!


  10. Hey, congrats on the FP! This was a great read. It’s almost like you’ve invaded my own blog and stolen my spam. Sadly, I am still compelled to weed through all those stupid messages because of the ONE STINKING TIME a legitimate message ended up in the spam folder.


      • Yeah, I wish the Freshly Pressed people would contact me before giving it out. I could direct them to the best of everyone’s really good stuff. Honestly though Nathan, some of the one’s they’ve given you are on really good posts.

        I liked this one of course, but all the people coming over cause it is FP’d should explore some of your older ones. You could always repost some that are your favorites.


  11. Have you had the spam that starts arguments with itself? Those are fun ones. I had two that were bickering back and forth about some racist rant the first spam comment made. I guess they thought they could trick me into thinking they were real comments..or something.


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