A Good Cause

I spend a lot of time making fun of things here. A lot of things. In the past, I have made fun of strangers I have seen, Kim Kardashian and that thing following her around that she calls her butt, movies, foods, my wife, my dog, my neighbors, and anything else that seems to suit my fancy. That’s because I feel that you can find something funny in most things.

Then there are things you don’t really want to find anything funny in.

Since Hurricane Sandy has hit the east coast, dozens have been declared dead. There are 8 million people who have been without power. Cities have received as much as 34 inches of snow as a result of this storm. The effects have been staggering and, while there has been a great deal of help, there is still plenty more needed.

If you can, give a visit to the American Red Cross for a donation. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Kelly Phillips Erb at Forbes has a list of specific needs for places in the New York/ New Jersey area.

Don’t worry. I promise I will make fun of something tomorrow. You have my word. For now, though, this seems more important.

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