Today, I pulled out an old pair of pants. In it, I found two dollars. For most people, this would be a pleasant surprise, but nothing to exciting. To me, though, I was ecstatic.

“LOOK!” I yelled to my wife. “TWO DOLLARS!”

If I got that excited about a couple bucks, I clearly need more money in my life…

The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

Anyone who grew up in the nineties, listened to music in the nineties or was even alive and conscious in nineties has heard of the Goo Goo Dolls. The band is a quintessential nineties band, releasing such hits as “Iris,” a song that everyone has heard at least once, whether they know it or not.

How many of these people know, then, that the band who produced one of the biggest songs of the nineties, a song full of soft string arrangements and the delightful strumming of a mandolin, released their first single in 1987 on Metal Blade Records, a label specializing in metal music? The answer is no one (or at least no one who doesn’t waste time on Wikipedia).

That is because they made it big all by selling out.

The term “selling out” gets a terrible rap from people. Just ask any person who…

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