For Those Of You Who Missed The Debate

Tonight marked the second debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, his opponent in this presidential race. While voting is an important civic duty, I realize that some people might have been busy and unable to watch the debate.

Fortunately, I have your back.

I watched the debate this evening and have provided a brief synopsis for you. Enjoy!

Presidential Debate 2012 Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Moderator Candy Crowley: Governor Romney, our first question comes from Random American #1 and is directed at you.

Random American #1: Governor Romney, I have an issue in my life that I need help with. Currently, this issue has not been taken care of. How will you take care of it?

Mitt Romney: Well, Random American #1, I want to thank you for that question. This is an issue plaguing a number of Americans. They are asking the same tough questions you are asking. For the past four years, this problem has gotten very bad and it will get worse.

My plan is to make this problem a lot less of a problem by getting rid of the problem. My opponent will not get rid of the problem, but in fact make it worse.

Candy Crowley: Mr. President, rebuttal.

Barack Obama: What Governor Romney said is not true. In the past four years I have done a number of things to combat this very real problem. I see the problem and I sympathize greatly with your ordeal. My administration has recognized it and will take care of it.

The truth of the matter is that Governor Romney’s plan is not a full plan. He does not say how he plans to take care of this issue and the things he say just don’t add up.

Romney: The plan adds up!

Obama: No, not as far as I can tell.

Romney and Obama say a bunch of things incoherently over each other. Moderator Candy Crowley tries to regain order.

Crowley: Gentlemen, we will have to move on to the next question. We are short on time.

Romney and Obama once again start talking.

Crowley: Gentlemen, we will have to move on. Our next question is for the president from Random American #2.

Random American #2: Mr. President, you have stated that if you are reelected, you would fix problems with money that the country has. How would you do that?

Obama: My philosophy on finance has been very simple. I want the middle class to receive relief. The middle class is the class that suffers the most when the country has financial issues.

What we must do is make the country more financially secure by fixing taxes by not raising them for the middle class because the middle class is suffering. We will stop the suffering of the middle class by raising taxes for the wealthiest 2% and NOT the middle class. They are the ones that need help.

Romney: You have heard what I said about my tax plan. I do not plan on cutting taxes for the wealthy. I will cut them for the middle class.

The middle class is having a difficult time right now. Unemployment is high and hurting the middle class. In fact, it is the worst it has been in a long time. The last four years have been terrible. They are arguably the worst four years in the history of the any country of all time. I would fix that by cutting taxes and creating jobs.

Obama: I do not feel that your tax plan adds up.

Romney: It adds up!

Obama and Romney speak incoherently over each other. Crowley again tries to regain order.

That’s about it. Also Mitt Romney said something about how his company had “binders full of women,” so that will probably come up again.

I hope this has been educational and enlightening for all those who missed the debate. Happy politicking!

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