El Paso Caveman Brings Up Question: Is It Crazy To Live In A Cave?

A group of hikers were headed into McKelligon Canyon this week when a man jumped out of a cave, startling all of them. This is completely understandable. There are very few things I expect to jump out of a cave, and a human being is definitely not on that list.

While most of the group was ready to call it a day and head out, one brave soul refused to listen to that part of the human brain that gives you common sense advice like “don’t touch that fire” or “leave the man who was hiding in a cave alone.” He headed back up and interviewed him with his cell phone camera. The man was not just hiding in the cave.

The man was in his home

For the last three years, residents of a local apartment complex near the McKelligon Canyon have witnessed this hairy, bedraggled man wandering about, bathing in their laundry room or exercising on their jungle gym. According to a few people, this man has even stolen some of their clothing.

All evidence points to this man being crazy. I think you would be hard pressed to find a person  who says keeping a barrel of snakes for the mountain’s animals or eating from the trash of all-you-can-eat buffets is the most sane thing a person could do. On paper, this guy is purely nuts.

But is he really crazy?

The “normal” people in the world are like me. People like me get a job that they sort of enjoy (hopefully) so that they can move into an apartment. They move there, buy some stuff, set up home, and then continue working so they can continue to pay money to live there.

After awhile, they have probably saved up enough money that now they can go buy their own home. So they pay their money to borrow a truck to move the stuff they bought to fill their apartment and head to their new house. Once there, they proceed to continue working at this job so that they can pay back the money that they borrowed to buy a place to live in. They use the rest of that money to buy more stuff to fill up the house because a house is no good if it is empty.

For the next 40-50 years, these people will continue to work at this same job so that they can perform the required maintenance on these houses, pay the taxes on these houses, and hopefully pay off the loan on these houses. Some will pay people to make the outside of their house look pretty. Others will pay people to make the inside of their house look pretty. Some people will pay others to make both the inside and outside of their houses look pretty. Those people we call “snobbish.”

After years of paying rent, mortgage, bills, taxes, homeowner’s association dues, moving costs, landscaping and housekeeping, eventually they get too old to be able to do things anymore. They can no longer work at their job, so they have less money to pay all of these things. They sell their house and all of their stuff so they can move into an apartment where they will get to pay rent until, one day, they head into that great big home in the sky. Then their family fights over their things.

Meanwhile, this guy is living for free in a cave. He is not working at a job he sort of hates and he is not paying bills for everything. Can we really say he is crazy?

He can’t however, watch “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” as most caves do not come equipped with cable or electricity. Anyone willing to live without that must be completely nuts.


6 thoughts on “El Paso Caveman Brings Up Question: Is It Crazy To Live In A Cave?

  1. I’ve seen a guy who lives in an old abandoned car, close to my neighborhood and he has been living there for some years now. he even owns two cats and has a bycicle tied to the car’s trunk. I often wonder if he is crazy or if he knows better, he doesn’t pay any bills or taxes and he gets to feed his cats. I don’t know where he showers or eat, or maybe he doesn’t bathe at all. I don’t know. I’m a bit wary of getting close to that car and interviewing the guy. After reading your post, maybe I should.


  2. I live in Granada in southern Spain where there is an entire community of self-called cave dwellers (the English translation). They get by just fine and are always happy to explain their chosen way of life to any curious tourists, who, by the way, are even able to rent one if they please. Gets a bit chilly in Winter though…


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