Paul Ryan Has Joe Biden’s Friendship Whether He Wants It Or Not

Joe Biden, U.S. Senator from Delaware.

Joe Biden, U.S. Senator from Delaware and friend of Paul Ryan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whenever someone begins to discuss politics, it is a certainty that the conversation will drift into several different topics.

Firstly, people will talk about the economy. They will say things about debt and tax rates and China. One person will say that someone who is in power has not helped the debt or tax rates or our relations with China and someone else would do a better job. Meanwhile, the other person will counter that the person in power would do a much better job than the possible replacement. Neither people will have proof either way, so the debate will never end.

Secondly, people will say things like “Freedom” and “ the American Dream” and “Aliens,” but not the fun kind of E.T. style alien. They mean the type that is human. They will say these words over and over in a way that does not ever make sense but sounds very patriotic.

If you are able to listen to\  all of this without leaving the room or going to your happy place to eat a wheel barrow of ice cream and listen to Jimi Hendrix play, you will eventually hear the following phrase uttered:

“I just wish they would all stop fighting and get something done.”

I used to agree with this sentiment. It seemed like all politicians did was fight over everything. I imagined how difficult it would be to plan a lunch meeting with a fellow congressman, one person screaming about the unlimited soup and salad at Olive Garden, the other shouting that the “McRib is back!” It would be very frustrating.

Then, tonight, I got a delightful breath of fresh air. I turned on the Vice Presidential debate expecting to hear the same yelling and screaming that politics are known for. While these things were there, I was surprised by something I heard.

Joe Biden called Paul Ryan his friend.

In fact, Joe Biden called Paul Ryan his friend repeatedly. He referred to him as his friend 14 times. He also called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu his friend once, but that may just be a fluke.

It was the nicest thing I could have expected to see. Amongst the yelling and interrupting and calling the things people have said “malarkey,” Biden took time out to try to mend fences by calling him his friend. I would expect that after the debate, they went to Applebee’s for half-price appetizers and to just have a good old fashioned bro-down. If politics were to run like this, America would be so much better.

Sure, there will be people misinterpreting Biden’s actions. People will suggest that he called Ryan his friend but didn’t really mean it. There might even be people suggesting he called him “my friend” because it sounds a lot better than “um…uh…you…I know it…give me a second…”

I like to think, though, that Biden meant every word of it. I like to think that he added Paul Ryan on Facebook immediately after the debate ended. He probably texts him all the time and tells him all of his hopes and dreams. Those two have forged a bond that will last through the rest of time, that will transcend elections and political parties. It is a friendship that will last forever.

Now if the two friends would stop fighting with each other, they could have a REALLY good relationship.

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