Things To Think About…

Where There's Smoke There's Cheech & Chong

Where There’s Smoke There’s Cheech & Chong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-There has been a lot of debate about the legalization of marijuana. People for it say that the taxes it brings in would help the country while people against it say that everyone will immediately rush out and reenact their favorite Cheech and Chong movies. I think we’re focusing on the wrong thing, though. I mean, does our country really need to legalize a drug that makes people want to eat more? Now if there was diet Marijuana…

-I bought tickets to a comedy show and they have a rule that you have to buy two things while your there. I’m really glad this rule doesn’t exist other places. It would make walking into a Tiffany’s a really pricy affair.

-I was petting my parents’ dog today and my dog walked up to me. She gave me the saddest eyes she could and just stood there, her tail and ears drooping. She is getting pretty clingy. I may have to break up with her.

-A story on the news this evening showed a restaurant that served a $600 hamburger wrapped in edible gold leaf. That may seem a bit pricey at first, but that’s about the cost of my last dentist bill after eating the cheaper one wrapped in foil.

-A commercial for Subway shows athletes talking about how they train by eating Subway sandwiches. I wish I had caught on to that sooner. With just a slight diet change, I would be able to run, throw, catch, jump, leap, climb, bat, tackle, shoot, skate, swim, bike skateboard, and dribble without looking like an idiot or nearly killing myself. But NO! I had to go to Burger King. And that is the only reason I am not an athlete.

6 thoughts on “Things To Think About…

  1. Remarkably similar to subway are tampon ads, which tell you you can do all these things while wearing their brand of tampons. So you buy them and guess what – it doesn’t work!


  2. I’m not an athlete because, I was one. For light years. It identified me, and preceded me where ever I hung (Phelps and cannabis…please swimmer’s have the crown of entitlement, esp. him after a season of slaughter in cold water. It’s always a sacrifice, though I was in remarkable physical shape my mind needed to wind down. Nothing better than booze and good literature. Sadly, I’ve learned I swam for reasons other than me enjoying it. I happen to be good at it, and my dad was a great athlete also. Bovine, I’m reminded of winters in MA and that word.


    • Unfortunately, I cannot relate. I played baseball and basketball as a kid, but never did amazingly well at it. I played soccer one year and was actually fairly decent, but hated it. Too American for that, I guess.


      • Just be an American. The lines are so blurred now, at least when I was a kid (38 now) pride like a broken umbrella hung around Americans. Now we are 16th in the world in Education (no doubt the stats were elevated). We just get dumber and dumber…prozac anyone?


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