The Life and Times of Nathan Badley...

Once upon a time in foggy London town (I’m making that assumption, fair or not), two gentlemen met on a street.

“Top of the morning, Reginald,” said the first man, tipping his top hat in Reginald’s direction.

“Indeed it is, William” said the second man, pausing when he realized this was an inappropriate response to “Top of the morning.” He was always making social errors like that, and that is why people called him “Big Stupid Reggie.” British people can be very hurtful.

“Say, dear friend, do you perchance have this evening free?” William asked, taking a bite of his crumpet and a sip of his tea.

“Why, I believe I do,” answered Reginald. Not used to being invited to parties, he tried to play it cool, but inside he had a whole bunch of butterflies in his tummy. It was like a full butterfly flock in there. “I will…

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