Sports Are Strange…


Sports situation: During a baseball game this evening, the umpires made what many thought was a bad call. When a ball was hit into shallow left field, the umpire called it an infield fly despite the fact that the infielder could not “catch the ball with ordinary effort.” The crowd was very upset and began to throw trash all over the field because this is a rational act at a sporting event. Soon the field was full of trash and the game had to be delayed while the field was cleared.

Sports situation translated to real life: During a meeting, a manager brings up his PowerPoint presentation. When it pulls up, he had saved it as a PowerPoint 2003 file despite the fact that we are in 2012. Also he used Helvetica instead of Arial, a grave mistake. The attendees of the meeting are very upset and begin throwing coffee mugs and important documents because this is a rational act in a place of business. Soon the conference room is full of trash.

Moral: Throwing trash is a rational way to express frustration.

…Unless you are a frustrated janitor. Then it just makes your job worse.

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