Worst Idea Ever: Wearing Black While Biking In a Rainstorm at Night

It was a dark and rainy night as I drove down Broadway. Not shockingly, my 1992 Ford Explorer does not have the greatest braking distance in history. As I came on an intersection, I suddenly slammed on my brakes. I hoped that I would be able to stop in time.

There, in the middle of the road, was a biker dressed all in black.

I was able to stop in time, but I would like to offer up my first ever “Worst Idea Ever” award nomination. Biking down the middle of a crowded street is dangerous. Biking in the dark is dangerous. Wearing black while biking in the dark is dangerous. Mix in rain and a 20-year-old car with brakes that often require four blocks to completely come to a stop, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Despite this man earning his “Worst Idea Ever” nomination, I know his heart was in the right place. I would like to congratulate this individual on his green living. Why, because of this man, the world will most likely last at least a full hour longer than it would have. Of course, he will not be around to see it because by that time he will have been run over. I guess that is the unfortunate side of being concerned about the environment.

So, Mr. Biker, I would like to gently suggest that in future situations like this, maybe stick to the sidewalk. Sure, you might make a few pedestrians mad and possibly hit an old lady that is out walking her Pomeranian, but that is a lot better than allowing me to crush underneath my massive killing machine.

Oh, and don’t put this award on your résumé. Sure, it is an accomplishment, but I feel that would earn you a second nomination.


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