Chick-fil-a: The Most Political Chicken Sandwich to Ever Be Digested


Chick-fil-A (Photo credit: Adam Kuban)

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of hate speech and anger. I cannot remember a time when a fast food chain had divided the nation so much, but because of the words of their CEO, Chick-fil-a has found themselves in a battle royale between the two sides of the country.

I know it will not be a popular opinion. Some people’s view of me will probably be altered because of this, but in this turbulent time, I do not feel that I would be doing anyone a service by keeping this view to myself. It has to be said.

Chick-fil-a is overrated.

Now, I want to start by saying that I like Chick-fil-a. I think it is tasty. The sandwiches are good and their waffle fries are plenty flavorsome. I enjoy their lemonade and have never had a bad milkshake there. All around, it is one of the better fast food chains I have visited.

Unfortunately, eating there is no longer about food.

It all started when CEO Dan Cathy stated in a magazine interview that he and his company support the “biblical definition of the family unit.” Cathy thought this would be a very popular thing to say. After all, he was speaking to the Baptist Press. Cathy knows to play to his audience and that audience would eat a condemnation of gay marriage up.

Somehow, though, this article got out to the public. Probably via the internet. It seems a lot of things get out that way these days.

It turns out, the gay community did not care for this statement. They decided it was against them, so the gay rights community called for a boycott. Then, the religious right called for whatever the opposite of a boycott would be. I guess a girlcott would be the obvious answer.

So while one group was boycotting a chicken restaurant to show their support for gay marriage, another group was flooding it to show their support of not supporting gay marriage. It was a very confusing time to say the least.

Now the world is split in two: Those who love gay people and therefore refuse to eat a good chicken sandwich and those who hate gay people but get to partake in the chicken sandwich. To eat there, you have to make the decision as to which camp you align with.

That is a lot of pressure just for fast food.

Having had Chick-fil-a, I can say it is good. It is not good enough, though, for a person to have to analyze their religious and political ideals just to determine if setting foot in the restaurant goes against everything you stand for.

I prefer my fast food to be baggage free. If I want to eat trash that will eventually kill me, I do not want to think about it too much. The longer I analyze the decision, the more I realize that I am about to shove a bunch of deep-fried crap in my mouth. Making a person debate whether or not they want to eat in a particular establishment is not a good business model for any fast food restaurant. You want people to, without thinking, walk in, order the fried blah blah with extra bacon, three cheeses, and special sauce. Thinking is the fast food restaurant’s enemy.

Now, I have no idea what to do. I do not want to be considered a bigot nor do I want to be condemned to an eternity of pain and suffering. I just want a chicken sandwich.

I guess I have no choice but to head to one of the other 160,000 fast food restaurants in America to locate something to shove in my fat gob. It may not be as tasty, but it comes with no politics.

Politic free: just the way I like my poultry.

16 thoughts on “Chick-fil-a: The Most Political Chicken Sandwich to Ever Be Digested

  1. Very well put! I am tired of all of the arguing. I feel like we should get over it and make our decisions on where to eat on what we want to eat, not which group of friends we feel like impressing!


  2. Nah, don’t agree but I can talk about boycotting them easily, they don’t have branches here in the UK.

    So I guess I am lucky that I don’ t have to make the decision whether I want to indirectly give my money to hate groups via a “Christian” (love thy neighbor unless he is different from you) company or just eat junk somewhere else (until someone digs up the skeletons in their closet – forgive the pun).


  3. I would just like to say his comment was not anti-gay as many have made it out to be. Rather it pro-traditional family. I don’t think he did anything wrong and I believe in traditional marriage. Unfortunately a lot of people on both sides have taken it very much out of context and made it a lot more that what it was meant to be. I would support Chick-fil-a because they are do things no other restaurants do. They serve people with dignity and respect. They thank people for being their customer and come across genuine in doing so. Most that work there seem to love their job and it shows in the way they treat people. Oh, and having a standard of not being open on Sundays so their employees can attend church, I commend them for that as well.


    • I would agree that it was not necesarily meant to be anti-gay. No matter what he meant, the man has the right to free speech. In fact, everyone involved has the right to do what they are doing. I just feel that people bragging about waiting in line for hours to support Chick-fil-a and people boycotting are blowing the entire thing out of proportion. I don’t like feeling judged because of my refusal to take sides in a debate featuring fried chicken sandwiches which I feel that some people are doing.

      The whole thing is silly. I would feel the same way if the tables were turned.


  4. It has more to do with where Chick-Fil-A puts their money than what was actually said. They actively donate to groups that promote hate toward homosexuals (such as seeking to deport them or make their lifestyle illegal).

    That being said, Zaxby’s has much better chicken.


    • I would agree with the money if not for one fact: most people only started an uproar AFTER he said that. Chick-fil-a did not suddenly change where their money was being put when Cathy spoke. People knew where their money had been going for years.

      The people who are just now complaining are just jumping on the Chick-fil-a hating bandwagon. If you were against it all along, though, it is a very different story. Also, Zaxby’s has a much better name is nothing else.


  5. When I go to my in laws in the Southeast, I try to get me some chicken sandwich.. it is tasty if not delicious.. but I\’m with you in this one! I just want to eat without the hassle of politics! There\’s enough crap to think about can a woman just eat in peace? The good thing is that we don\’t have a Chick-fil-a in our are so I don\’t have to worry about it.


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