Wife Talk: Olympic Edition


English: Michael Phelps starting the 4x100m re...

English: Michael Phelps starting the 4x100m relay at the Beijing olympic games, august 11th 2008 at the Watercube Français : Michael Phelps au départ du relais 4x100m au Cube d’eau, Pékin, le 11 août 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Every four years, the ultimate athletic event takes place. Thousands of athletes from around the entire planet come together to see who is truly superior at dozens of athletic contests that no one ever thinks about outside of this event.


People have spent the week asking about Michael Phelps or the United States gymnastics squad. They seem to be missing the important questions, though. Fortunately, my wife is there to fill that gap:




Nathan’s Wife: I’ve been wondering this for a while. When the swimmers in the Olympics get out of the pool, they always have wet hair.


Nathan: Yes. They’re in a great amount of water.


But they wear caps while they are swimming. Shouldn’t their hair be completely dry?


I don’t think the caps are completely water tight against their head.


I don’t think there’s a hole in the cap and it looks pretty tight. No way is water getting in.


Right, but it is made of latex or some other rubbery plastic kind of thing. Water could DEFINITELY get in.


Condoms are made of latex. Aren’t those made to not let things in or out?




I think bodily fluids are a bit more slippery than water. If it can hold that in, it can definitely keep their hair from getting wet.


Gross. I don’t think you’re thinking about this right. They get in the water before they swim. They shower before and after. I don’t think they have that cap on the whole time.


Oh, that makes sense.


If they were really trying to keep their hair dry, they would just wear Tupperware. Nothing gets through that stuff.


And I’m the weird one for mentioning condoms?




10 thoughts on “Wife Talk: Olympic Edition

  1. I think I might be able to help here. As for my credentials, I consider myself a competitive swimmer, if not at olympic level.

    When I jump in the pool I wear a hat but not to keep my hair dry but to keep my hair from bothering me during the swim. I guess you could say the same is true for Olympic swimmers although “bother” in their case is probably best translated as “reduce drag, thus increasing speed by at least 0.001 seconds per 100 metres”.

    Moreover, and this is where we are finally touching on the topic of wet hair, I actually purposely wet my hair before putting the hat on because this way it will sit more snug and won’t slide on my silky hair (thanks Pantene!).

    I hope I could be of assistence. All the best to you and your wife,



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