I Swear, I Didn’t Mean Anything By It!

Writing a blog can be very challenging. Inevitably, something you say will eventually be taken out of context.

This exact thing happened to me today. Many moons ago, I wrote a post making fun of, among other things, the way gyms smell. For those who have never been to a gym, imagine wearing a sock for a full day, then wrapping that sock around your face. Mix in the smell of a thousand other socks and you have a decent idea of the smell of a gym.

While this was all some good lighthearted fun, apparently some people did not take it as such. Today, this comment rolled across my site:

Now, there were several issues I had about this comment. First of all, Lee has forgotten that commas are not a substitute for punctuation. As Lee’s brain has most likely been shriveled up by his “supplements,” I am very willing to ignore that. He can’t help it.

Secondly, I do not consider myself a wussbag. Maybe a wuss, but calling me an entire bag of wusses is out of line. I am but a single person, so I do not deserve an entire group’s helping of wuss.

Since I am an adult, I responded with the following, incredibly mature, reply:

After posting this, though, I began to think. This might be my fault. I did not specifically state that I was just joshing around about the gym. Since my writing is so dynamic and wonderful, Lee might have mistaken the post for a tell-all exposé on the dangers of gym sweat.

So to Lee, I apologize. For future reference, many things I write are not meant to be taken seriously. In the past, I have implied that Little Leaguers are a grave danger to society, that I am smarter than a brain surgeon, that I love having my basement flood, and that I am jealous of a tree who received a book deal. These were all made in jest.

Just for the record “made in jest” means I was joking around.

I am so sorry to anyone who has mistaken this for a site that has hard-hitting information relevant to your lives. I am truly the lowest of the low. I am the lowerest.

My apologies.



This morning, Lee had responded:

Naturally, I felt it necessary to discuss this a bit further with Lee:

13 thoughts on “I Swear, I Didn’t Mean Anything By It!

  1. I just so happen to write my blog in the same fashion; the only difference being that I incorporate push-ups. I’m actually considering starting a Blym: a blog gym. It’ll be like Crossfit, except instead of being a douchey trend, it will be a way of life. Blym. Tan. Laundry.


  2. Dude, if you are the ‘lowerest’ (great word) you are also the highest of the high, or the higherest, because you make me laugh. And a life without laughter is not a life worth living. Gym boy needs to laugh more often so he can have a better life. Enjoy always, T


    • Maybe someone should have a tickle fight with him. He would feel so much better at the end of it.

      On second thought, he would probably just punch them in the head. Then no one would feel great.


  3. My blog pseudonym is Sarchasm which I thought was appropriate because it denoted the gap between those who write irony, sarcasm and satire and those who read it. Ignore silly comments 🙂


    • I do ignore comments unless I find them particularly amusing. This amused me greatly because I myself have heard hundreds if not thousands of people complaining about the gym. I like to imagine this guy walks up to all of these people and screams in their faces. He seems like a berserk personal trainer.


  4. I got one criticizing my use of stock photos. Apparently it made my post look “thrown together and cheap.” I clicked to the commenter’s blog to see how his looks, since obviously he’s a professional and I need to learn from his expertise. I found a blog with no pictures and size 6 font. Not exaggerating. I needed a magnifying glass to read it. Also, the gym smells like ass and death warmed over.


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