Watch Your Back, Flies. My Wife is After You…

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My house has become a fly danger zone.

Every three to four seconds, I hear a loud “FWAP” followed by my wife screaming “I GOT YOU, FLY!” She will then proceed to dance over the fly’s dead body, admiring her kill.

She is a bit strange.

As the more sensitive person in the relationship, I feel for these flies. I wish I had been able to protect them, save them from this terrible fate. Alas, I was not.

In honor of these flies, I have written a brief tribute:


Wings in motion, flight so serene,

Kitchen kingdom now your home,

A quick landing on counter, clean

To rest weary from constant roam.


When on the horizon it doth appear

The behemoth blocks the sun.

It draws and begins to draw near

You have no choice but run.


Fly majestic, fly so noble

You haven’t done a bit of harm.

Live your life…




Oh, never mind I guess…


14 thoughts on “Watch Your Back, Flies. My Wife is After You…

  1. Your wife is quite right, flies do not merit any mercy.
    Yet you are right as well, because of the poem.
    This is a logic problem, and also a conflict of interests – and I have no solution for it. If there is no solution, basically there are two possibilities:
    1. Ignore it and continue as before (i.e. your wife killing flies, you writing poems).
    2. Stop acting until you know the decisions of UNO and Greenpeace on this problem.

    I think, 1. is better.


  2. Hehe! Great little poem! I hate it when people swat flies, I am not saying I like them and there seems to be a lot around at the moment but I go for the poison effect to kill the little blitters! X


  3. I challenge your wife to a fly-swatting duel. Fly swatting is the only sport involving hitting something that I am any good at. If fly swatting were an Olympic sport, I would win the gold, I contend, although your wife may have a different opinion on that.

    Don’t feel too sorry for the flies – after all, they do carry disease, and lay eggs which turn into maggots.


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