Gordon the Forgotten Garage Sale

English: Yard sale on Green Street in .

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It was early in the morning when the people came outside. They carried their knickknacks and their bric-à-brac and set it up on the lawn. Piles of curios and long forgotten nonsensical items covered the grass.

That is how Gordon the Garage Sale came to be.

Gordon felt confident. He knew exactly what he had to offer to the world. “Why, I’ll be the greatest garage sale this little town has ever seen!” declared Gordon. “For years, people will think of me when they go to a garage sale. They will compare all other sales to me. I will be the king of garage sales!” Gordon, as you can see, was not lacking in confidence.

Eight o’clock hit and Gordon began to wait. He waited and waited. Finally a truck pulled up in front. A man jumped out.

“Why, that truck is big enough to carry everything here!” Gordon said. “This entire sale will be over in less than one hour.”

The man wandered the sale. He stared at a television set and at the dishes on the table. He examined a desk closely, looking for any faults in its particle board. He dug through boxes and looked at all of the trinkets.

“Sorry,” the man said with a shrug. “Nothing for me here.”

Gordon frowned as the man jumped back into the truck. “Nothing for him here!” he cried. “Why, each and every one of these items is in fantastic condition. The man must have no taste. There’s not much you can do for people like that.” And with that, Gordon forgot the man, focusing on the next customer.

Gordon waited and waited. After a while, a woman with a dog walked by.

“This woman looks like she needs some things,” said Gordon. “Sure, she won’t buy everything, but I bet she takes at least half of what I have to offer.”

The woman walked through the piles. She carefully picked up the glasses, looking for cracks. She held a waffle maker in her hands, placing it softly back down on the table. Then she made her way to the television set.

“Why, I could use a television set,” she said. Gordon’s ears perked up. Selling a big-ticket item is just what he needed to get back on track. “Oh,” the woman continued, “$20 is too much for right now. Maybe I’ll come back later.”

The woman pulled her dog’s leash and headed on her way. Gordon’s spirits began to fall. “Maybe I’m not all that great,” he said. “I mean, that woman didn’t even want my best item.” Gordon felt depressed, a feeling that sinks into many garage sales. For Gordon, though, it was new.

Gordon waited and waited. The sun went higher in the sky, making it hotter and hotter. “Stop it, Sun,” Gordon shouted. “You’re heat is scaring the people away!”

“Maybe they aren’t coming because you’re a terrible garage sale,” the Sun retorted. The Sun can be very rude sometimes.

Gordon watched car after car drive by, never giving him a second look. People walked the sidewalk, but each one continued without as much as a peek into a box. Gordon glanced up at the Sun and he was laughing.

“I quit!” said Gordon. “I will never be a great garage sale.”

Just as he said this, a car pulled up in front of him. Out of the car piled a family and they immediately set to work looking through every box. Gordon paid no attention, waiting for them to climb back into their car and head far away from this garage sale. They peaked at the pots and pans, the knives and lamps. Finally, the woman picked something up.

“This is exactly what we need,” she said, holding up a pile of old ice-cube trays. “I knew this garage sale would have it!”

Gordon was surprised. He had done it! He was finally a successful garage sale! He looked up at the Sun, sticking his tongue out. The Sun rolled his eyes, but said nothing else.

“Thank you people!” said Gordon. “You have made me the happiest garage sale ever!” The people, of course, did not respond as they did not speak garage sale. This did not damper Gordon’s spirits as he sat there, beaming.


Moral of the story: You never know who will help you become what you want to be. Also, the Sun is a real jerk.

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