Wife Talk: The Importance of Politics and Sports

There are two things that people seem to care about more than they should: politics and sports. You could tack on eating if you wanted to add a third, but we will just stick with two.

Sometimes, though, these two subjects combine, creating the perfect storm of anger and frustration. Athletes will suddenly be in trouble for their political beliefs or a politician will be berated for his sports allegiances.

For Barack Obama, this happened Monday night.

While people have analyzed and over analyzed a joke that led to booing at a Boston fundraiser, a few voices of reason are around to point out how stupid this is and who the real enemies are. My wife is one of those.


Nathan: Did you hear that Barack Obama got booed today?

Nathan’s wife: Why?

He was in Boston and made a joke about a Red Sox player who had…

(interrupting) Well that was a poor decision.

Making a joke about a Red Sox player?

Yeah. That was a poor decision.

No, it wasn’t just about a Red Sox player. It was about a player who used to play for the Red Sox.

Oh. Okay.

Anyway, he got traded to the White Sox.

That’s Chicago, right?

Yes, that’s Chicago. And Barack Obama is from Chicago.

Yes. He’s very Chicagonese.

He’s what?

Nothing. Forget I said that.

Anyway, he made a joke because now his favorite team, the White Sox, has this player and they do not, so they started booing him at his own rally.

If he is a White Sox player now, what’s the big deal?

He doesn’t play for the Red Sox anymore.


And they would like him to continue to play for the Red Sox. So he rubbed it in by saying that Kevin Youkilis will “have to change his color of socks.” Get it? Because both teams are the Sox.

(Pausing and looking wistfully into the distance) It’s sad he got booed.

It’s sad?


Why is it sad?

No one should be booed while they’re on stage. That’s humiliating.

But he did make a pretty terrible joke.

It is awful, but it isn’t boo-worthy.

What would a boo-worthy joke be?

Something dirty.

Oh, like Dane Cook?

Oh yeah. He should definitely get booed.

7 thoughts on “Wife Talk: The Importance of Politics and Sports

  1. That joke totally deserves to be booed. Seriously, he couldn’t come up with something less stupid than, “He’ll have to change the color of his socks”? That’s just sad…


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