The Lost Button Fix (A Haiku)

A button without a shank. A thread shank is re...

A button without a shank. I do not know what a shank is in this context, but rest assured I would not be able to sew this button onto anything.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I am very good at a great number of things. Maybe not very good, but at the very least I am passable at several things.

As I went to get dressed this morning, I found that a button had fallen off of my shirt. “Drat!” I thought. After a couple of minutes spent trying to figure out why I would instinctively think of the word “drat,” I went to rectify the situation.

I hunted down a needle and thread and set to work. This would be easy, I thought. I had never sewn a button, much less anything else in my life, but I figured this would be another thing that I was passable at.

As it turns out, I am not passable at sewing buttons. Fat fingers are not conducive to small needles, thread, or tiny buttons. Put all three together, and it is the perfect storm for the sausage-fingered amongst us:


The Lost Button Fix (A Haiku)

Summon the thread spool!

Pointy needle, fat fingers.






34 thoughts on “The Lost Button Fix (A Haiku)

  1. That haiku is very touching. The rest of the post was alright too. “wink” (spelled it out just for you, because I already felt a little sorry for you with the bloody fingers and so-so post. I didn’t want to annoy you further with a winking smiley face).


    • I don’t think there is anything that will make me able to sew, be it button, needle, thread, a sewing machine, anything. I am not a seamstress, or whatever the male equivalent to that would be. A seamster? Uh…


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