Celebrate Memorial Day the Right Way (Hey! That Rhymes!)

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008

Memorial Day Commemoration 2008 (Photo credit: davidyuweb)

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day to honor all of those who, since the Civil War, have been killed in battle. In typical American fashion, it has also become a day revolving around food, causing many to shove grilled meats down their gullet.

With so much of a focus on eating, it is easy to lose sight of what Memorial Day is really about. Eating isn’t how we should be celebrating. The holiday should be one of honor and patriotism. We should be focusing on great American heroes and not on any of the following:


-How many hamburgers we can eat in one sitting. (FYI, the answer is seven)

-What dive we will be doing when the city pools officially open.

-The fact that you can get 40% off at Ann Taylor’s Memorial Day sale.

-The fact that alternative hip-hop and blues rock artist G. Love will be performing at this year’s Memorial Day parade or what the G. Love Wikipedia page says about his 2004 album “The Hustle.”

-Dressing up like a ghost and hanging around Civil War graveyards.


Aside from these things, Memorial Day is wide open. Enjoy the celebration!


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