I was randomly treated with this post today as I logged on to see if anyone had read my blog (by see, I mean hope). Katie H., another fellow Kansas Citian was very complementary to me as well as several other blogs. You should definitely check out those that she has deemed worthy.

Sharing Closet Space

Courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish, here are…

The Top Ten Blogs I Read that are NOT Book-Related

Home Decorating Blogs

I start with this category because they’re the ones that got me into blogging. A friend introduced me to a couple when I was thinking about how to decorate our apartment last year, and I quickly found many bloggers who fit my style.

1. Bower Power

Besides having an adorable kid and an awesome name, Katie Bower has all kinds of creative DIY ideas for home decorating. Someday, when I have a home I care to decorate (as opposed to an apartment in which I’ve painted three accent walls), I know I will actually use her ideas that I’ve bookmarked.

2. Young House Love

More great DIY decorating ideas from Sherry & John. Although I (overall) like Katie Bower’s style better, I like many of Sherry &…

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