Titanic Made Over a Billion Dollars? Why Wouldn’t That Qualify James Cameron to Mine Asteroids?

James Cameron introduce scenes from the 2009 f...

James Cameron introduce scenes from the 2009 film Avatar at San Diego Comic-Con. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time, space was considered the “final frontier.” Mankind had explored every square inch of the globe and, quite frankly, we were bored. We could not stand one more minute of this hum-drum, dreary planet. We had to break free and get away from this stupid waterlogged globe and into a more mysterious place full of wonder and mystery.

With that in mind, America did what it does best: build a giant, incredibly inefficient machine. Then we started shooting these machines into space. We shot hundreds of machines into space, some with men on them, some with monkeys, some completely empty, likely because the astronaut’s alarm did not go off that day. We developed bigger and better machines and shot them up.

Then, we stopped. It turned out that sending things into outer space is very expensive and we did not have a lot of expendable income. People determined that going into space in the same machines for thirty years straight might not be a great idea.

It seemed that our journey through space had, for the time being, come to an end. We had not uncovered all of space’s mysteries and it seemed we never would.

Then, the rich came to the rescue.

A team of wealthy people including a founder of Google and famed director and submarine captain James Cameron have put together a plan to return to space. Of course, just returning to space would be so passé. Who would be impressed by a bunch of guys buying a flight into space? The Russians have been doing that for years.

No, their plan is much bigger. They are going to mine asteroids.

According to these rich guys, there happens to be trillions of dollars worth of valuable commodities hidden on these space rocks. They will be mining for gold, platinum, and zinc among other things, hoping their $50 billion investment pays off. We can assume it will since all of the people involved are known for their scientific no-how and not for some non-space related ventures.

While it is easy to focus on the fact that mining asteroids seems fairly insane, there is a bigger question to ask.

Is James Cameron just doing in-depth research for a movie?

Cameron famously made sure everything on the set of “Titanic” was accurate, even making sure the silverware and china were the same pattern as the original Titanic’s dishes. He waited more than a decade to film “Avatar” just because he needed the correct technology to make it 3-D and to make giant human-like lizards less creepy than they sound. He even built Arnold Schwarzenegger just to star in the Terminator films (This fact may be up for debate).

In short, Cameron goes all out for his movies.

If Cameron were to direct a movie about men mining asteroids, he would need to look into it first. After all, who would want to see a movie about people drilling for valuable resources on asteroids if it were not 100% accurate

There is no other explanation for it. Why else would some of the richest people in the world think that spending billions of dollars on a project that may very well be impossible seems worth the risk?

No, this is sure to be the greatest blockbuster on Cameron’s resume. Sigourney Weaver as the tough as nails leader of the miners. A bunch of other actors (it really doesn’t matter who) playing the miners. A giant 3-D asteroid. It has all the makings of a classic Cameron flick.

That is why I plan on camping out for tickets tomorrow. Sure, it will be a decade or more before this movie inevitably ends up on the big screen, but when I get the perfect seat to the first showing, it will all be worth it.

Of course, if they are serious about this asteroid drilling, I may just be wasting my time.

At least I can buy some Sour Patch Kids while I wait. Try finding something that great in space, Cameron.

8 thoughts on “Titanic Made Over a Billion Dollars? Why Wouldn’t That Qualify James Cameron to Mine Asteroids?

  1. I think you are right. It sounds like a movie to me too. Sour patch kids though? What about candy dots? Sour patch are just another okay thing. Twistlers, always chocolate, maybe some gummy worms if you need chewier…


  2. milk duds man… put them in the popcorn – oh yeah popcorn too.. and let them melt a little. I hope its a movie too. and that Ihave any teeth left to chew milkduds by the time it comes out.. oh well I always finish them before the previews anyhow….


      • I dunno.. but I am not discussing it further if you dont have milk duds on your list…

        I saw a box of mike n Ike’s the other day and it looked like someone had scribbled through the Ike with a black marker – on about 60 boxes….


  3. I can’t help but think he’s just trying to stick a thumb in rival director Jerry Bruckheimer’s eye. “Oh, you made a movie about a bunch of oil-drilling hacks who go blow up an asteroid to save the Earth from its final day? Yeah? Well watch THIS.”


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