Happy Earth Day

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Earth Day, the day that, according to Wikipedia is an “annual day on which events are held worldwide to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment.”

In honor of this spirit, I have included the following letter to Earth for everyone to sign:


Simply print this letter, sign it, take to your backyard and bury it, and Earth will know exactly how we feel. (Editor’s Note: Don’t bury paper in your backyard. It may be biodegradable, but it is really a waste of time and is just plain stupid. Instead, find something that is actually environmentally friendly to do.)

Happy Earth Day. God bless us, everyone!

15 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

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  2. Hmm, perhaps I should write a letter to Mother Earth on a dry leaf with biodegradable ink and throw it to the river close to my house. She’ll get the message. Thanks for the brilliant idea.


  3. Although I really like Earth, I’m not sure if she can read. She isn’t the intellectual type.
    Yet even without her reading and understanding this letter, even without her stopping all that earthquaky, tsunamiish, flooding, disastrous nonsense, I would very much appreciate the point with Hollywood.


    • How dare you imply my planet is illiterate?! I will have you know my planet has read many books. Sure, they had a lot of pictures in them and, okay, they were fairly short, but a book is a book.


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