Happy Easter! Enjoy Your Rabbit Eggs…

A Cute Little Bunny With Some Eggs

A Cute Little Bunny With Some Eggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Easter is full of a great number of things. Delicious egg shaped candies. Terrible egg shaped candies. Pastel colors. Awkwardness when you wish a person of Jewish descent “Happy Easter.”

The most popular of these things, though, seems to be the Easter Bunny.

Yes, the legend of a hermaphroditic rabbit (seriously, look it up) has existed since the medieval church. In the 18th century, this rabbit came to the United States, laying plastic eggs filled with candy all along its path.

In honor of this bunny, the most confusing symbol of any holiday ever, I have written a haiku:

Bunny laying eggs,
Wait…laying eggs? A mammal?
Someone used many drugs…

8 thoughts on “Happy Easter! Enjoy Your Rabbit Eggs…

  1. Huh, I’ve always wondered why an egg-laying rabbit made the rounds at Easter. After reading the Wikipedia article, I wish I was still wondering why.

    That haiku may be the best tribute to the Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen.


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