How I Feel Today…

Today has been the longest day of all time. Ever. After four hours of photographing children, three hours of carrying my niece around, three trips to a dressing room to try on a new suit, and hauling a gigantic bag of ice around, I am beyond tired. In fact, I am beyond almost all words in the English language. There are only a handful of ways to describe how I feel today:


Brain-meltingly deenergizerfied


Crapped (It’s like being pooped, but to another degree)

Walking Dead-like

Brain-dead, Brain-resuscitated, then Brain-hit-by-a-car-and-left-to-slowly-die-on-the-street

Like the “brain on drugs” portion of those old drug awareness commercials


Not untired

Vewy Vewy Sweepy

As tired as you are of reading this list

7 thoughts on “How I Feel Today…

  1. I believe you promised not to do any posts like this when you started your year long goal of writing a meaningful post every day. Your posts are in fact too damn long to read but at least they have proven until now not to be blather.

    I only subscribe to two blogs and yours has been honered to have been one of the ones I spend the precious few moments I have left on this God forsaken planet to look at. Mostly I read your blog to learn grammer from I might add.

    You have one chance in the next hour to convince me not to unsubscribe badlandsbadley.

    Chad the curmudgeon


    • Dear Chad,

      I’m so sorry to have disappointed you. You will never understand the sorrow that I feel. In fact, I am currently crying, listening to “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?,” and weeping uncontrollably as I imagine a rainfall pouring over me.

      Please accept my humblest forgiveness. Also, I will give you a quarter to not unsubscribe.



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