Happy 100th Birthday, Oreo. You Don’t Taste a Day Over 75.

Oreo Double Stuff Cookie.

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I was peacefully minding my own business today when something appeared on my TV screen that disturbed me greatly. It seems that 2012 is the Oreo cookie’s 100th birthday and I had known absolutely nothing about this. Fortunately, TV was there to, yet again teach me everything I need to know.

I spent what seemed like forever trying to dream up the perfect tribute to this iconic sandwich cookie. I tossed around the idea of jamming as many of them in my mouth as possible, but I’m pretty sure that’s what killed Elvis, so I moved past that very quickly. Maybe I could build atowerofOreos. Of course, then I would have had to go to the store and I really didn’t want to stand up.

Suddenly, it struck me. What would be the perfect tribute to this cookie? A poem. Not just any poem, mind you, but the Oreo cookie of poems: a haiku.

In between a haiku’s two crisp, five syllable lines rests a gooey seven syllable piece that everyone loves so very much. This is similar, in fact, to the Oreo cookie. In fact, they are just about the same thing, except one is made of words and the other will make you fat.

Without further ado, I give you my tribute to the Oreo cookie:

Please press play on this video prior to reading:

Cookie of Desire, Cookie of Delight

Waxy inner goo

Framed by two, sweetness, cocoa

Pass the milk please? DUNK!


22 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday, Oreo. You Don’t Taste a Day Over 75.

  1. A fitting tribute to the oreo Nathan. I just hope I haven’t been subliminized as well, because once I start eating oreos I find it difficult to stop. I start with just one, and wake up later in a graveyard in Mexico covered with crumbs and holding a crumpled, empty package. Don’t have time for THAT today.


  2. HA! Nice haiku. The music goes nicely too. The only problem is that the music is 7 minutes long and the haiku is, well, around 7 words long.


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