I Am an Award Winning Liar

When you have been blogging awhile, you are bound to be given “awards.” These “awards” are, in all actuality, chain posts that float from blogger to blogger, forcing others to give interesting facts about themselves before they pass along the assignment.

These awards never carry any real sort of acknowledgement. There is no cash prize and you don’t receive a brand new Dodge Charger for winning one. I have never been invited to the White House because of an award which is a major bummer. It’s not a real award unless the President cares. (Slightly off subject, but Barack, if you’re reading this, we should totally grab dinner sometime. Just don’t invite Michelle because I really hate eating healthy.)

These nominations seem to come quite frequently.

Sometimes there are some that come through, though, that are much more enjoyable. One of these came across my computer just the other day. My friend over at Hobbling Around had created her own award called the “No Rules Best Liar Award.” This award does not require you to do anything. It is all optional, thus being my favorite award because I am very lazy.

The award itself is also very simple and very fun. You are to give six facts. Three are true. Three are big fat lies. People who read this are supposed to guess which three are big fat lies. Ideally, since this is the “Best Liar Award,” people will not be able to guess because you are officially an award winning liar.

Below are my six facts. Feel free to guess which are true… IF YOU DARE!!!


1. As a fifth grader, I invented a rabbit feeder for my pet rabbit. His name was Pete and he was very soft and very rabbit-like, meaning he pooped a lot.

2. I have a strange weakness for tater tots. I love them and can’t get enough. If they’re soggy, though, I will murder someone.

3. My first musical album ever purchased was New Kids’ On The Block’s “Face the Music.” The song “Dirty Dawg” was the soundtrack to my life when I was seven.

4. I own a pair of cowboy boots, but never wear them outside of the house. They make me feel far too tall and I sound like a horse walking on pavement when I wear them.

5. I spent a full hour yesterday playing a smartphone game where you control a doughnut that flies through the air wearing a cape. I am not proud of this.

6. My great great great uncle was the creator of an early version of a blender that was operated with a handcrank. This was not the world’s most practical invention.


Happy guessing.

10 thoughts on “I Am an Award Winning Liar

  1. I think you’ll find young man that my great great great uncle invented the hand-cranked blender and unless we are distantly related (which I doubt, because I suck at lying) then that my dear is an untruth.

    I nominated you the other day for a brand new shiny award that I created myself, which carries no weight or value whatsoever – and sadly no luncheon date with Obama. It is however purple, with a pretty little star on top. I call it the “You Make Me Smile All Over My Face” award.

    You’re welcome.


  2. I’m guessing 2, 4, and 5 are true…if I’m wrong then you could lie and pretend that I’m right; since you’re such a good liar.

    Actually, I guess I want to know the truth more than to be “right”. One of the blessings of being a woman I guess. 😉


  3. Probably all are lies. If your the biggest liar! Get it….
    ya the nomination deals read about on WordPress Bennett nominated myself they recommended letting people come to your blog organically.


  4. My guess is 1-3 are true and 4-6 are false. I’m not really sure why, although I know number 5 has to be false. If you spent a whole hour flying a donut with a cape through a city on your phone, you would HAVE to be proud of that.


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  6. As a person who has received several such awards (and even deflected a couple of them to you… sorry), I wish someone would come up with an award that after you’ve received, say, five of them, WP would automatically filter out any further nominations.

    Don’t get me wrong… they’re a true honour to get because someone thinks enough of you blog to give them to you but after you’ve awarded at least five other bloggers a few times in a a couple of months, its hard to pass the award on without showing favouritism. Plus it so darned hard to keep track!


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