2012: The Year I Lose My Mind

It’s happened once again.

After days of excitement and preparation, we stayed up late last night as some fellow who called himself Lady Gaga caused a giant ball to drop in New York City. People cheered and hollered and made out, with tongue, on national TV. We did not find this as uncomfortable to witness as we normally would because, how else should a person celebrate the death of a year and birth of new one? We went to bed, prepared to wake up and find…

Everything exactly the same.

Now, naturally, we were ready for this to happen. I mean, it’s not as if we expected to wake and find a new teleportation device and a hoverboard directly from “Back to the Future Part II.” In fact, this was really just another day in a long line of days we had witnessed and would continue to witness.

Still, though, there should be something different about this new year.

With 2012 fresh and new, I’ve been overtaken by ambition. No, I won’t be running a marathon and becoming a business tycoon. My ambition is definitely not quite there, yet.

What this ambition did cause, though, is my creation of “resolutions.”

Normally, I am not a person who jumps on the whole “New Year’s Resolution” train. In fact, I make fun of that train. I call that train and all of its passengers names. I give that train a train wedgie until its train underwear rips.

For the first time, though, I had actually created goals for myself. I like to think that this is a sign of me growing up.

Now, obviously no one wants to hear my resolutions. I told a couple to my wife and received the same look I get when I tell her about a Kansas City Chiefs’ player. It’s a polite look, but clearly she has drifted off into thinking about her work schedule or her new shoes or pocket lint… really anything besides what I’m talking about.

If the person I’m married to reacts this way, you definitely don’t care.

That’s why I will only share one with you. As a person reading my blog, it is the only resolution that even slightly affects you.

I will write 366 posts in 2012.

For those keeping track, that is one post a day for the entirety of 2012. I will not take one day off.

I could write like some people who make this resolution do. You could read 366 posts like this:


I’m very tired today. I feel sleepy. I guess I’ll probably drink coffee. Hopefully I won’t be tired tomorrow.


That’s not interesting. In fact, I would want to punch myself in the head if that’s all I could come up with.

No, I will have a real post every single day of 2012.

Sure, there will be some posts that are destined to fall in the “What Was He Thinking Posting This” category. Hopefully, though, there will be more that fall into, at least, the “Decent Post” category.

My hope is that some publisher will read these, think I’m a genius, and give millions upon millions of dollars to write for them. My more realistic hope is that you will humor me this year and read along with me.

The only difference between yesterday and today may be my ambition. Hopefully that change carries over past tomorrow and through the rest of the year.

If it doesn’t, the next 366 posts are going to be really rough.


46 thoughts on “2012: The Year I Lose My Mind

  1. Sadly, I am not a publisher with millions of dollars to offer, but I do think you are BRILLIANT. I can probably stretch to a gobstopper, 3 penny chews and some popping candy. Deal?


  2. I ALSO DO NOT MAKE RESOLUTIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR OF ANY TYPE. However, I do set goals for myself …which is entirely different. I have thought of something like the post per day or a blog challenge for myself. Too much pressure to place on this gal…WHEW! I blog when I feel the mood HIT me. I commend your determination to KICK ASS on this resolution! You THE MAN! 🙂


  3. Okay, I admit, you got my attention. I read many blogs and have loved many posts (we won’t discuss how many I hated passionately) but none have kept me around. People are inspired and they type away and then day after day they all turned out to be painful to read.

    I post once a week and I can hardly survive writing them, let alone proofreading them. But you are promising more (and more promising) and I am in for the ride. I will be, until I feel the need to tear my eyes out.

    I love your style and if you think you can keep us intrigued, I am all in. Best of luck! Oh, and I don’t have a penny to give, but I am sure some day there will be someone who comes by and snatches you up quite happily.


    • Thank you very much. Those are very nice things for a person to say. I will tell you part of this (so that I have more time) involves being less of a lazy piece of crap and turning off the TV occasionally. I’m sure I will, at some point, phone in a few of them. Hopefully I don’t get to that point, but if I have a post called “What’s the Deal With Airplane Food?” you will know I have lost it.


  4. I’m shooting for 366 total but I won’t guarantee daily.

    I know they have Post-a-Day and Post-a-Week but what about us underachievers? I think they need a Post-a-Month. Post-on-My-Days-Off? Post-a-Year. I think I could commit to that.


  5. Yeah, I’m still looking for that publisher to discover my blog, too. If you find her/him, send him/her my way!

    I made a New Year’s Resolution many years ago to stop making New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been very faithful to it. 😉


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  8. Genius idea…. and don’t worry, Nathan. I’m sure there’s already a publisher having second thoughts on you 😉 Though I’m in no way a publisher, I feel as if you’re going to get a publisher before this 2012 even ends.


  9. As one lacking any depth of any kind myself I do admire your resolve and look forward to reading a goodly number of those 366. I believe I got one done already. So far so good. Good luck with the rest of the year.


  10. So here we are, 3 days into the new year, and I haven’t posted a thing. So obviously I’m not resolving to post daily like you. I applaud you for the ambitious attempt. I know I sometimes struggle to come up with 2 or 3 posts a week that won’t cause people to drive heave so I can’t imagine a daily post. I look forward to reading them though, along with the throngs of new fans you got from your latest FP stint!


  11. Well, congratulations on striving to resolve to write once a day. You make it really tough on those of us whose major resolutions are to eventually clean up my computer room and to type up some boring photography techniques and put them in a ring binder. I’m already 3 weeks behind in reading your blog… how am I ever going to catch up now?


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