Twas Two Nights Before Christmas

Twas two nights before Christmas

And all through the town

The men were panicked for no gift had they found.

“I’m dead meat, I’m done,”

They cried in defeat

As some other lucky husband grabbed the last jewelry that was cheap.

They went to store after store

But to no avail

As the hours were late and they were still set for trouble.

Desperate for gifts,

The men went a place they new well.

“Why, there must be a great present at the gas station, Shell!”

Not a good place to buy Christmas presents.

Who’s to blame for this mess?

Well it isn’t the men.

See, they work through the week and watch sports all weekend.

How could they possibly

Take the time to buy presents

When Northern Arkansas Tech is playing the Southern Utah Pheasants?

So, ladies, this Christmas,

When you receive your gifts

Count your blessings if you don’t find motor oil and a Twix.

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