Important Life Lessons From Me to You

It has been four days since I have posted. I’m sure that it looks like I was being lazy, but that is far from the case. Instead, I was learning valuable life lessons.

Since my life lessons were so very valuable, I thought it would be in the best interest of everyone if I were to take a minute to share them here. Remember these lessons. They could someday come in very handy.


-Some dachshunds are allergic to their shots. Their nose will swell up to twice the size it was and they will look very sad. They will also look very funny, though, and you will want to laugh at them the whole time they are taking their Benadryl.

-Local restaurants can be more fun than chains. For instance, I have never seen a random break dance battle in an Applebee’s. Score one point for local restaurants.

-Looking at giant pigs is not fun even if the fair gives them a ribbon. The same goes for chickens, goats, horses, okra, overly Photoshopped photographs, tomatoes, or rabbits.

-You can get your wife to agree to just about anything if you promise to cook dinner the correct number of times. That number is five.


I hope that we have all learned something here today.

5 thoughts on “Important Life Lessons From Me to You

  1. I know a man who watches the country channel exclusivly. He sits with raptured attention watching bovine auctions. They go for $2000. and this man will say, “She has clean lines, hear, hear, well worth the price.”

    Now THATS a disturbing picture.


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