Making Amends For My Sucky Blogging

Okay, I am willing to admit it. I am not the best blogger.

I’m not talking about my writing, although I am definitely no Mark Twain, as you might have noticed. I am talking about supporting my other bloggers.

I frequently mean to go and give these other blogs some sort of recognition, but then something comes on TV and I get distracted. That happens a lot to those of us without attention spans.

I am attempting to make up for this today. You should go read all of these:

Lafemmeroar– If you want to read something humorous, this is a very good blog for that. Despite my Y-chromosome, I have been inducted into this blog’s Crazy Chicks Club.

Don’t Eat Dirt– Since I have tried to stop being a disgusting pig, I have taken to eating slightly more healthfully than I had. This blog shows some great ways to do this if you, like me, would like to not be a disgusting pig.

30 Before 30– It’s funny. That’s really all I have to say about this one.

Eric Spiegel Photography– This guy makes me wish that my abilities with a camera were a bit better.

The Ninja Cat Chronicles– I do not know where the things come from that end up on this blog. It’s bizarre in a good way.

The Midaeval Maiden– If you want to read about one person’s adventures with hobbies, go here. Good stories.

Huffygirl’s Blog– A little bit of everything. If you don’t believe me, it is one of the only blogs you can find with a call to boycott straws and previews of “Cowboys and Aliens” on one page.

HoaiPhai– Good pictures and posts. That’s a winning combination. (Imagine me giving a big thumbs up and wink right here)

Hobbling Around– Hilarious. Also, the latest post starts off with, “Before you start thinking I am a nudist, I don’t think all clothes are annoying…just anything other than pajamas.” How can that not be good?

There are more blogs that are really good, but I have about maxed out my attention span for now. Be sure to check these and the others on my list of links.


12 thoughts on “Making Amends For My Sucky Blogging

  1. Thanks for the suggestions…if you like them they must be…

    Wait a minute…what show did you watch? The one about turtles? When they speeded up the film it was fascinating stuff. Kept MY attention. 🙂


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  4. I’m honoured! When I was playing with the idea of starting my own blog, looking at yours was the one that clinched it for me. Your stuff us witty and almost always having to do with something that’s happening currently. Just so you know, I refuse to add anyone to my “Blog Roll” that is alphabetically before “Badlands Badley” just to make sure you’re at the top. If Alba, Jessica starts her own nudie blog, all bets are off. I think that’s fair.


  5. Hey Nathan, thanks for the mention. I loved what you said about my blog. And now I and all our fellow bloggers will take you off the “sucky blogger list” and put you on the “cool supportive blogger list.” 😀


  6. Your not a sucky blogger. I always figured it was just your thing never to comment back as a rule. Thanks for the mention it was a pleasant surprise. 🙂


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