Thank You For The Spam, Internet

How far must this guy have fallen to take this job?

As an international blogging superstar (I have one subscriber from Canada, so it counts), I receive many comments from people. Most of these comments I receive are complete nonsense. In fact, a lot aren’t even from real people.

Just because they are nonsense, though, does not mean they should be completely ignored.

To show my appreciation to the spammers of the world, I would like to take a minute and respond to them and show them they aren’t completely wasting their time.

From Charlotte:

Looks like you are an expert in this field, great articles and keep up the great work, my buddy recommended me this.


Thank you for the kind words. It’s always nice to hear that someone recommended my blog to another human being.

I’m not sure what you are implying when you say I am an expert in this field. This comment was, as you already know, on a post about getting toddlers drunk. I have never actually gotten a toddler drunk, so I’m not sure that I would qualify as an expert. I have seen toddlers, so I guess that’s half of the battle right there, but I usually tend to steer them away from the bottle.



Acne Treatment

Great post. Just to let you know – I am running Arch Linux with the Chrome nightly builds and your site’s navigation is sort of broken.

Acne Treatment,

I certainly hope this isn’t your real name. It would have been a very rough childhood in school if you went by Acne Treatment. You couldn’t even really shorten it, because going by Acne is even worse. If this happened to you, I’m sorry and I hope therapy is going well.

I don’t know what Arch Linux or Chrome nightly builds are. I will immediately call my site mechanic to make sure it’s navigation is properly working.

Thanks for the terrific help.



Noe Datson

The really early signs, or the 1st signs of pregnancy could be a combination of personal experiences that are associated with small changes within the body. A pregnancy test can be taken at home or a doctor’s office is the easiest and most recognized way to verify a pregnancy and then you know that the symptoms of missed periods, breast tenderness, nausea, fatigue and similar things are indeed related to pregnancy and not the result of some other medical problem.

Dear Noe Datson

I appreciate the advice about pregnancy. I have checked myself, and I am currently suffering from only two of the four listed symptoms.

If I do find out I am with child, I will be contacting you to find out more of what I should do. I’ve never experienced pregnancy, as I have no uterus, but you seem to know an awful lot about it.




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6 thoughts on “Thank You For The Spam, Internet

  1. I love the ambiguous stuff like “thank you for sharing, this was very informative.” or “found your blog online. Good post.”

    Really, you found my blog online? That’s surprising since I usually print out my blog posts, attach them to door hangers and walk from house to house leaving them on the front doors of everyone in my neighborhood. I guess someone must have taken the liberty of re-writing one on this “online” you are referring to.


  2. I’m kind of jealous… you get all of these spam posts that sound more like spy messages – someone is probably using your blog as a way of communicating with their arms supplier. Since posting about pizza, i’ve gotten about 40 spam pingback things about a deal for a pizzeria somewhere in the US. They’re really determined that I should travel very far to get a good deal on pizza


  3. I’m the Canadian subscriber! Ooh, my own anonymous shout-out from an international bloggins superstar, does that make me some sort of superstar too? Now I’m all warm and fuzzy inside. I hope it has everything to do with this post, and nothing to do with the swimsuit that I rented last week.


  4. Oh man I totally know what you are talking about ! And I certainly hope too that Acne treatment is not his real name (It cracked me up!). Do you think I would mean that I was born with Acne ?


  5. Oh and I just subscribed to your blog too. I’m french. So you really are becoming extremely international !


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