Nothing Today

I have spent all weekend reporting on the NFL draft for Bleacher Report. Therefore, I am out of words to write.

fdigaoricun ieva nrpenfvh cepov s;vd omjgerd;vjcv idflgv dldij fngimcv,mnbgfv bvkjcghjd;flngvjkvgblhmjvlk,hj mcvf hjbknfvgfjbggdvmlhjltfbutjgvrthjtk p hjbxvclmh

See? I told you I was out of words.

With that, I will leave you with words of wisdom for the weekend: A penny saved is penny earned. It is also coated in a fine layer of germs, so don’t, under any circumstances, put it in your mouth. That’s how the bubonic plague started.

See you tomorrow!


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