Hulk Hogan: The Eccentric Genius

I want to be famous.

I don’t want to be famous for the same reasons everyone else does, though. I have no delusions of grandeur and I don’t really care that much about money. I watch MTV Cribs and wonder why anyone would even want some of these things that they beam about. I feel like being worshipped by a bunch of people I have never met and never will meet could get old really fast.

No, I don’t have any desire to experience the type of celebrity a lot of people seem to crave. There is one benefit that being famous has, though, that I wish I could experience, at least for a day.


If I were to do something completely out of the norm and, yes, strange, people would think I had gone insane. I know this for a fact. I’ve experienced it firsthand.

As a celebrity, however, you are allowed to do whatever you want and you’re “eccentric.”

Take Hulk Hogan, for instance.

Hogan has built a whole career out of being crazy. As a wrestler, he was known for ripping shirts off and wearing feather boas, single-handedly boosting the t-shirt and feather boa businesses 10,000%. He had a reality show where he showed he was a normal father, which he wasn’t in any way. He has continued to bleach his hair and unnatural shade of blonde despite the fact that he has roughly 1/25 of what he had to begin with. Also, he wrestled with Mr. T.

Now, I dare you to go out and do any of the preceding things and see what reaction you get. I guarantee parents won’t be having their kids take pictures with you.

His latest endeavor is just as nuts. What would you do next if you were Hulk Hogan and wanted to continue to be relevant?

Why, you would start a Micro-Wrestling League, of course.

Hulk Hogan has a new reality show coming out soon where he trains Micro-Wrestling League wrestlers, also known as “little people,” to wrestle.

Now, if I were to walk into a pitch meeting with a television studio and suggest this, it would go like this:

Me: “This will be a goldmine. I train people to wrestle.”

Executive: “Um….okay.”

Me: “But they aren’t just any people: their midgets!”

Executive: “Who let this person into my office? Whoever it was is fired immediately. This man is a lunatic. SECURITY!”

While part of that reaction might have to do with my ignorance of all things wrestling, most of it would relate to the idea.

When a person such as Hulk Hogan walks in and suggests it, though, it is pure gold.

I would love to have a day when every idea I had, no matter how ludicrous, was considered genius. Most of the time, even I am listening to my ideas with a look a shock and bewilderment.

Not if I were a celebrity, though.

Someday, I might have that luxury. I highly doubt it, but I might.

I wonder how small you have to be on Hulk’s reality show…

4 thoughts on “Hulk Hogan: The Eccentric Genius

  1. lololol

    you know Hulk Hogan is a pompous meathead. He might be famous and revered by some in our society, but backstage he was the man who’s incompetence and ostentation led WCW’s downfall, he walked all over the execs who ran the business so he could steal the show(and the execs were dumb for letting it happen). I know this not because I’m a wrestling fan (thank god) but because my dad was there when it all happened (Tony Schiavone, he was the lead announcer if you remember). Even he didn’t like wrestling, and he could tell you all day how dumb all the guys were that worked there. I would imagine your angle would sell to one of the execs there, lol. Their agenda is always absurd, so you might have sounded like a genius to them if you had beat Hulk Hogan to it, lol.


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