Today’s Obligatory Blog Post

Self Portrait of Nathan Badley, March 20, 2011

I woke up today feeling like my head was full of pressure, much like a balloon. Suffice it to say, my least favorite part of spring is here.


So, thank you so much, Spring, for the wonderful and bountiful gifts you have bestowed on us. I am really enjoying the head full of snot you sent me. Next year, though, maybe just send a card or something.


One thought on “Today’s Obligatory Blog Post

  1. Then in Sunny Southern California…we got rain and lots of wind with cold. What’s that about…one day it’s blazin’ and I’m sneezin’ and the next the heater is on…no wonder I’m so jacked up…

    I hate allergies and sorry you are a sufferer of them too! My skin is so dry right now, I’m afraid my face is going to peel right off…wouldn’t that go nicely with your snot story?



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