The Ways of a Liar

Yesterday, I received a challenge. Not a regular everyday challenge, such as “Nathan, I challenge you to eat a dozen eggs in one sitting.” No, that’s chump change.

This challenge came way of Sandi at Ahhsome. You can read her original post here. Apparently, the people who create chain letters have decided blogs are not exempt from this type of annoyance and have created a blog chain.

The challenge comes in the form of a three lies and a truth game. If you don’t know how this works, I tell three truths and a lie. Then, you, with your razor sharp wit and quick thinking, try to figure out which is a truth.

Without further ado, the contest begins.

1. I am friends with Burt Reynolds

Early in 2003, out of boredom, I went to the Labette County fair in Kansas. Amidst the shacks selling funnel cakes and farm animals being paraded about, I happened upon a man. His mustache shone in the midafternoon sun, gleaming across the fair. This man was Burt Reynolds.

Burt Reynolds on the red carpet for the 43rd A...

Image via Wikipedia


I proceeded to offer to buy him a Turkey Leg. Surprisingly, the man agreed. We proceeded to have a lengthy discussion. To this day, I count this as the day my friendship with Burt Reynolds began.

#2 I walked across the Mississippi River

On vacation with my family one year, we came across the river of legends: The Mississippi River.

The Mississippi River just north of St. Louis ...

Image via Wikipedia

The water crashed upon the rocks as we looked on. Without thinking, ten year old me, along with the rest of my family, began to remove our shoes and socks. As if drawn to the water, we slowly walked towards it. When we neared the edge, we didn’t stop we kept walking, reaching the other side of the treacherous waters.

We then realized our shoes were on the other side and proceeded to walk back across

#3 I have seen the movie BioDome 57 times

I have seen this movie more times than anyone else ever, including Pauly Shore. I can quote all Stephen Baldwin‘s dialogue, all the creativity of Pauly Shore’s makes his dialogue significantly more difficult.

#4 I tried out for the Kansas City Royals

Every year, the Kansas City Royals hold open tryouts. I arrived to a park in Kansas City, MO early on that April morning. The dew hung on the grass.

After several warmup excercises, my name was called. I walked to the plate with the confidence of Babe Ruth, the swagger of Willie Mays, and the stature of a very short guy.

The pitcher looked in and worked from the windup. The ball seemed to hang in the air forever.

I took my step and pushed the bat through the zone. I, of course, missed and looked stupid.

So now you must decide which one of these stories is true.

I will be passing this along to my dear friends as well.


7 thoughts on “The Ways of a Liar

  1. First of all, you ROCK that you did this! I LOVE IT, and it’s very entertaining!

    Second, I messed it up! (In classic Sandi fashion)Appparently, it was supposed to be 4 truths and 1 lie. I ended up swapping (by accident & reducing it to 3 lies and 1 truth)

    Let’s face it, My truths are somewhat boring, and lies can be so much of a better story! I like our version better! 🙂

    So, now back to yours (I voted) and selected Biodome movie. I agree, getting down Pauly Shore’s accent and random noises he makes would be somewhat challenging (not to menion very annoying to your wife.) Then again, I never got through the movie and if you’re going around quoting Steve Baldwin, I’m sure you’ve already sent your wife to the looney bin.

    There you go!
    Thanks, it was entertaining and I can’t wait to see the truth. I was going to pick the baseball thingy.



  2. hmmm, I almost almost picked the biodome over the tryouts, but I have to say even though I haven’t been reading your blog for terribly long, You just don’t seem like that much of a stoner.


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