Celebrities and Tsunamis and Their Coexistence

I make fun of America a lot. At times, it seems almost an unnatural amount. The reason is simple: We are shallow.

I’m not talking an average amount of shallow either. Turn on your television any night of the week and you are prone to see Entertainment Tonight/ Access Hollywood/ The Insider/ TMZ/ The entire E! Channel talking about what celebrities are wearing, eating, smelling like, thinking about, fornicating with, all because we suffer from a case of celebrity worship so strong that we are content to substitute “news” programs showcasing their shortcomings in place of actual entertainment.

In the last two weeks, I’ve heard more about Charlie Sheen and his “winning” ways than I ever cared to hear. Yet, more is coming because we demanded it. We asked him to continue on his marathon of crazy, so much so that he is creating a stage show based on it. And yes, I do wish I was making that up.

It’s natural for celebrities to take advantage of this situation and use it to climb the totem pole of hero worship. I challenge you to say you wouldn’t at least consider doing the same things these celebrities we constantly criticize do to retain the public eye.

Yes, it’s a dangerous and treacherous trap we’ve set for ourselves, making it where we are no longer trying to keep up with the Jonses, but with the Pitts, Clooneys, Kardashians, and Gagas. We care more about whom these people recommend for president than any pundit. We want to dress like them and be like them.

So, this week was a nice change of pace.

As the stories from Japan reached our shores this week, this celebrity machine lept into action immediately. Instead of P. Diddy using our hero worship to sell his new cologne (It makes you smell Diddilicous!), he directed his attentions towards another source. Others followed suit.

Before you knew it, Twitter was abuzz with tweets asking people to donate to the Red Cross. Celebrity after celebrity used their social status and platform to help out people in need instead of trying to secure the downpayment for a new Lambourghini.

You can argue all day long that this behavior is just as self serving. I’m not going to disagree with you. Many celebrities couldn’t care less about the state of Japan or troubles facing them, but telling you to care makes them look sensitive and enlightened, a virtual savior amongst the lost.

Some celebrities do care and jump in time and time again, using their name and appeal as a magnet to those who, otherwise, would never look past their own nose to see the world they live in.

Whether their concern is genuine or forced is not the issue. What is the issue is that for a week, these efforts have been for the betterment and benefit of others, not themselves.

For a week, people have been more concerned with the actual suffering in the world instead of the suffering of a few priviledged people with petty problems.

For a week, real news has been more important than celebrity feuds and break ups.

For a week, it was almost like we really cared.

Sorry if this was just a bit too serious for you. I’m sure I’ll be back to my amusing self tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this hilarious video of


3 thoughts on “Celebrities and Tsunamis and Their Coexistence

  1. I don’t really care for any of those shows, and don’t buy magazines reflecting what clothes are in/out, for whatever reason, it never interested me…which as a woman, isn’t that supposed to our thing? My husband always says how lucky he is, because I’m fine wearing jean shorts and flip flops…with a new shirt from time to time. 🙂

    I don’t care about the awards shows either, although, if someone has them on, I might stop when Pink is doing an incredible performance. Otherwise, I won’t bother seeking out the show. I simply don’t know/don’t care who they want to thank.

    Whatever the “true” reason behind Stars giving/endorsing a particular charity- who cares- as long as they give a big chunk of theirs and it encourages their fans to do so too- then that charity wins. Yea!

    Yes, sometimes, it does seem to be all for the wrong reason, but then there are those that appear sincere and extremely involved, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

    There are stars out there leading by example, and hopefully the less sincere will take notice.



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