Block Charlie Sheen From Your Computer


Two weeks ago, if someone had asked me what the two most popular phrases in the English language would be today, I would have said “Why are you asking me that? Are you insane, because that’s a very strange question. I don’t even know you. Please get away from me.”

After that, I probably would have made a guess. My guess would not have been even remotely correct. I can’t see into the future.

How was I supposed to know winning and tiger blood would become a thing?

Yes, in a matter of days, Charlie Sheen has gone from a washed up actor in a bad tv series to being a washed up actor without a tv series. Oh, and he went crazy somewhere in there.

I’ve always wondered who enjoyed Two and a Half Men. It certainly was not my cup of tea. Yet, somehow, it was popular enough to supply Charlie Sheen with enough money to buy all the cocaine and companionship he would like.

Because of these vices and a fair amount of insanity, Charlie Sheen has gone off the deep end and decided he would no longer like those paychecks. He started off insulting the creator of his show. Then he just got weirder and weirder.

Everyday, half of the stories on the front page of CNN involve Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen hates his boss. Charlie Sheen likes porn stars. Charlie Sheen wants Rob Lowe to replace him. Charlie Sheen had his foot replaced with a bionic one. It never ends.

He has signed up for twitter and done a web show that, even he admits, was terrible for all involved.

Now, it has gotten to that bizarre point where, if someone were to tell me Charlie Sheen was bitten in half by a prehistoric monster, I would only register at a five on a 1 to 10 surprised scale.

He has very much worn out his welcome. We’re tired of Dr. Drew talking about Charlie Sheen, tired of the news talking about Charlie Sheen, and most of all, tired of Charlie Sheen talking about Charlie Sheen.

Fortunately, someone had the brilliance and know how to fix this problem.

Greg Leuch has created one of the greatest inventions of our time: Tinted Sheen. Used with Firefox or Google Chrome, this tool literally blocks every mention of Charlie Sheen. And it does it with comically large boxes. He also created a plugin that blocks Justin Bieber’s name from showing up on my computer and reminding me that he exists.

He deserves a Nobel Prize.

I realize that this is like a bad train wreck, except with more porn stars and far more news coverage. Everyone is so infatuated with Charlie Sheen. I understand. I just have one question for all the Charlie Sheen fans out there.

What the crap is up with the tiger blood?

Download Tinted Sheen here: Tinted Sheen

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