Deep Thoughts For The Weekend

The weekend can be a very boring time. I’ve found it can be an excellent time for self reflection. It’s important for a person to look inside themselves and examine their innermost thoughts. These are what I’ve thought about today.

– Someone at some point in history invented shoelaces. Before that, they only had shoes that didn’t tie. Some time after that, all of the major sports of today were invented. That means there is a chance that there might have been a person sitting around b.l. (before laces) thinking, “I would really like to throw this ball inside that basket, but these shoes just aren’t practical for that type of activity.”

– Modern cell phones are way cooler than the first cell phones. You can take pictures, you can play games, and they fit comfortably in your pocket. The first cell phones did have the advantage of being harder to lose, though, so that’s something.

– It’s not uncommon for dogs to get worms. It’s also not uncommon for worms to show up in a puddle on a sidewalk. I guess that means dogs are the sidewalk puddle of the animal kingdom.

– You can get an app for your iPhone that makes it look like a cigarette lighter on the screen. If you were a really good hacker, you would be able to make this app actually light the iPhone on fire. That would totally earn you respect in your online communities.

– I would spend a good amount of money on a robot that picks up my dirty clothes. It would probably look like a roomba, but it would suck clothes up and shoot them into the hamper. I’d call it a laundryba. I’d also call it my best friend because, suddenly, arguments with my wife would be cut in half.

– They say that the divorce rate in America has gone up and is around 50%. That means that one out of every two marriages ends in divorce. The good news is that means the percentage of marriages ending in death is down. That’s what we call seeing the glass half full.

– Changing one letter can make all of the difference. “I wondered about that.” “I wandered about that.”

I encourage you to experience this kind of self exploration for yourself. I feel enlightened and I hope you do too.


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