The Lost Post

Tonight is one of those nights where I just sit on that couch trying to figure out where my evening has gone. I got home from work with plans for what I was going to do today. It turns out that my attention span lasts a matter of minutes before I get distracted by something shiny. I don’t know if it’s that tiny, but ever so bright, gleam of light or the reflection of myself, but shiny things are awesome.
As a further example, that last paragraph took me ten minutes to type. I started watching tv, then I found an article about the world’s best burger. It comes from a Japanese chef in California that uses a fifth taste. The other four are salty, spicy, bitter, and sweet. I’m sure there has to be more tastes than that in the world, but Yahoo would disagree with me, and they seem to know everything.
Anyway, I got home from work and sat down to write. I went to… Nick Swisher is on a sitcom? Right now, while I write this, the New York Yankees’ Nick Swisher is on a sitcom. That’s pretty random. Were all the other Yankees busy or did the writers originally want Nick Swisher, because I would prefer to see Derek Jeter or Mariano Rivera.
So when I got home today, I went downstairs. I have guitars and they are very distracting. I came up with a chord progression I like a lot. That means that I spent the next 45 minutes playing those chords over and over. It was not productive.
I went upstairs and decided to be nice to my wife and cook her dinner. I spent the next half hour playing the same chords on my guitar. Then I thawed out some chicken.
Turns out I make good fajitas. I didn’t know that before, but I do.
What was I going to write about originally? I’m sure it was brilliantly insightful, but I feel like I’ve just rambled for 300 words. Why do glasses of water start getting bubbles after they sit there a while? It makes the water look like flat Sprite. Or maybe flat Sprite looks like old water. I’m not sure which.
Now I can’t even remember what all I was planning on doing today. I am relatively sure I didn’t get it done. In fact I’m positive based on the fact that I did nothing. I know I let the dog outside because I didn’t step in poop inside my own home. That’s one of the rudest awakenings a person can have. You’re half asleep on your way to the shower, when all of a sudden, SQUISH.
Back to what I was saying, some days it’s hard to get things done. This is, apparently, one of those days. I did, however, find out that salt free seasoning makes for excellent chicken fajitas, so that’s something.

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