This is Why Pitchers Should Not Be Left Unsupervised….

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in three days. For pitchers and catchers, that means vacation is almost over. Most players are likely spending their time with family and relaxing.
A couple apparently aren’t sure what to do with their free time.
Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle recently gave an interview to about his charity work supporting animal rights. Buehrle and his wife love dogs, so much so that this past winter, the Buehrles spent $2,400 on a stray dog’s hospital bills after hearing about his arrow related injury. Caring for injured animals is a very noble thing to do.
Hoping for an injured human is a little less noble.
“(Vick) had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you’ve done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys,” said Buehrle.
First off, congratulations to Mark Buehrle for correctly identifying the wrong thing to say. You get a gold star for that.
Yes, Michael Vick has been convicted of dog fighting. That is a bad thing to do. In case you were unaware, the only dogfights that should exist are fights initiated by the dogs themselves. Men in dog suits are also allowed to go at it. Dog fights where dogs die are strictly off limits, okay?
While no one is disagreeing with this, I also feel that humans getting injured is unfortunate. If I were rooting for dogs that had bit humans to be put down, I would be a terrible person. Rooting for this in reverse is still bad.
Next off season, maybe spend more time saving dogs who have been shot with archaic weapons and less time talking about other athletes.
Then we have the ongoing saga of Armando Galarraga and umpire Jim Joyce.
You might remember Galarraga’s bid for a perfect game being foiled by umpire Jim Joyce. Galarraga showed class by forgiving Joyce and not blaming him for a call that changed history. He was rewarded with a brand new car from a local dealership. I, like most of America, assumed this was the end of it.
We were wrong.
Galarraga and Joyce have coauthored a book, out now, called Nobody’s Perfect: Two Men, One Call, And a Game For Baseball History. I am assuming this book was a compromise after Galarraga asked Joyce to move in with him, but Joyce didn’t feel their relationship was at that point.
Now, baseball is having to figure out what to do with these two crazy lovebirds. If Joyce umpires a game that Galarraga is pitching, he might make unfair calls in his benefit. They also might spend an hour hugging on the mound. Anything is possible with these two.
Baseball players and umpires should never coexist. They are supposed to hate each other. They are supposed to fight like cats and dogs or Mark Buehrle and dog abusers.
Also, this book can not be that interesting. How many pages can you devote to one call? The table of contents should read something like this:

Chapter 1: The Call

What else could possibly be said about it?
Next off season, Major League Baseball should round up all the pitchers and put them in a secluded area where they will have no contact with the outside world. Somewhere like North Dakota. There, they can write all the books and save all the animals they want and no one will notice.
Or just find them some hobbies to keep them busy.

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