Velvet Circuits Part 3

Finally, its here. Part 3 of Velvet Circuits
If you need to catch up or be reminded of what’s happening in the saga here are the other two parts.

Part 1

Part 2

And now, without further ado, part 3…..

It was strange how much of an impact Veronica made on him when she had never even registered on his radar before. He had to know why. He had to know what this was.

All day, Gizmo tried to talk to her, but each time, it was as if a short appeared in his communication circuit. The first few times this happened, he panicked. A trip to the repair shop was never pleasant. Besides, his company HMO didn’t cover an extended warranty.

He had all but given up on any chance of an extended visit with her when, without warning, he felt a tap on his shoulder panel. He slowly spun around, only to see Veronica there, looking at him confused.

“You have been following me all day,” she said.

“I might have been,” Gizmo said. He glance right and left, looking for a way out. All exits blocked, he realized she had effectively cornered him.

“No, you definitely were. And I think I might have heard you muttering about why your vocal system was shutting down.”

“Um…that seems possible.”

Veronica looked at him closely. Her camera’s slowly focused in on him. “So what do you want then?”

“I…I’m not sure,” Gizmo said. The answer caught her off guard, and he understood why. He wasn’t aware of any practical purpose she could serve for him, so what could he possibly want from her.

They stood there, looking at each other. Gizmo checked his internal clock. Only seconds had passed by, yet it seemed like an eternity.

“I guess…I just wanted to talk to you. I do not know why,” Gizmo spat out, hoping to end the awkward silence.

“Very well. Would you like to join me for my break?”


The two sat down at a nearby table. Without warning, Veronica spoke.

“You seem different.”

“How so?”

“I can not tell. You just are not like all of the other bots.” She glanced behind her, staring at the ever present arches. Gizmo sat silently and watched as she continued to stare, almost as if the very sight of them prevented her from doing anything else. “Do you know why those are there?” she asked, turning back towards Gizmo abruptly.


“This place used to be a McDonalds.”

“What does that mean?” Gizmo asked, never having heard of this. He was sure if this was true, the knowledge would have been preprogrammed into his memory bank.

“It used to serve food to humans. They ground up a four-stomached bovine creature called cow and then humans ate it.

“Four stomachs? That seems very efficient.” Gizmo carefully thought through his next statement. “Why would you know that?”

“I know a lot of things. I went to the repair shop and they told me I got a memory chip that they forgot to erase.”

As Gizmo began to reply, their conversation quickly came to stop. The entire factory became silent as two sanction-bots came through the doors. The sight of these bots caused everyone to stop what they were doing.

One of the bots stepped forward.

“We are looking for Sanders27,” he stated.

“Here I am,” Sanders said, stepping forward. “What can I do for you?”

“You are being reassigned to the parts shop.”

“Very well,” Sanders said as they carried him off. The factory immediately began work as if nothing had happened.

“I would like to go to the parts shop,” Gizmo said as he watched the doors close behind them.

“You know what they do there, right?” Veronica asked. “If they take you there, you have been deemed inferior. They part you out.”


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